marijuana vacationYour Colorado marijuana vacation includes THC-enhanced natural colors!

Your Colorado Marijuana Vacation Insider Guide

Want a fire marijuana vacation? Snowboarding, skiing, building snowmen high. Hell yeah!

You can be a marijuana tourist and legally buy marijuana in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington as long as you’re 21 years old or older, but we recommend a Denver-based marijuana vacation instead of Oregon or Washington.

Washington legal marijuana prices are high due to excessive taxes, and Oregon’s selection of cannabis products and the number of recreational dispensaries is lower than Colorado’s.

Oregon and Washington fall behind Colorado for your marijuana vacation needs in cannabis menu diversity, prices, services, marijuana tourism facilities, and in recreational and scenic opportunities.

Marijuana is recreationally legal in Colorado so any tourist 21 years of age and older can walk into a connoisseur recreational marijuana dispensary such as the LivWell dispensaries and procure products buds, shatter, vape oil, wax, live resin, dry sift, rosin, cannabis-infused beverages, cannabis topical oils, and edibles.

Here’s just one example of the mouthwatering cannbis concentrates offered by LivWell…


In Colorado a marijuana tourist can buy a quarter ounce per transaction and legally possess up to an ounce.

Other things to know and remember:

  • Public consumption of cannabis is most often illegal
  • Colorado has a strict cannabis DUI law.
  • Police have highway interdiction zones set up on the roads that lead into and out of Colorado. They’re trying to catch people smuggling marijuana from Colorado to other states. Read here for specific information about highway police interdiction.

One complaint about the legalized marijuana states is there are too few if any marijuana “private social clubs” and “mobile lounges.”

Any alcoholic can go sit in a bar or restaurant and drink poison with other poison drinkers, but you won’t find the equivalent of a “cannabis saloon” or marijuana “coffee shop” in Colorado, Oregon, or Washington– and that needs to change fast.

Colorado was an early legalizer and got a jump on developing its marijuana industry.

That’s why today there are dozens of recreational marijuana dispensaries in major cities such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

There are even great marijuana dispensaries in tiny Colorado towns in some of America’s most scenic places, like the Rocky Mountain Cannabis dispensaries in Ridgway and Gunnison.

These rustic towns  a few hours south of Denver are gateways to some of the most impressive marijuana vacation areas such as the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Telluride.

We’re talking 12,000-foot mountains, double waterfalls, glaciers, amazing views!

One of my favorite marijuana vacation places is Ouray, Colorado, on the Million Dollar Highway.

I love getting high and going to Ouray’s gigantic, public hot springs swimming pool that has pure geothermal water flowing in and out all the time.

Hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, photography (the fall colors here are the best in the world), river running, geology, history, and nude hot springs are among the treasures and activities you enjoy high in the Ouray area.

If you want a resort and ranch experience a little closer to Denver, try Camp Bud+Breakfast– a true Old West experience with horses, pure clean air, summer wildflowers, and stunning views.

Back in the Denver area, there are many recreational marijuana dispensaries and “marijuana bed and breakfasts.”

Many are clustered downtown and in the historic districts so you can walk or bicycle to them.

A lot of marijuana tourists give high marks to Adagio Bud+Breakfast.

LivWell = Kind Marijuana Dispensaries

There are many quality dispensaries, but the LivWell Enlightened Health group of dispensaries has earned much praise.

LivWell has 14 Colorado recreational and medical dispensaries across the state, including seven in the Denver metro are.

LivWell offers a better experience than regular cannabis dispensaries because LivWell train its budtenders with a two-week course at the company’s LivWell University.

Their budtenders learn the deep science of how your body interacts with cannabis to get you high and medicate you.

LivWell budtenders know how to help you explain exactly what type of recreational and/or medical effects you’re looking for, and what kinds of cannabis products you prefer.

Not only that, LivWell offers three grades of whole flower to accommodate any budget.

One of their Denver stores features a lush grow op, and another one has hosted Snoop Dogg and other cannabis icons (and they carry Leafs By Snoop cannabis products too).

As an added benefit, LivWell has friendly, knowledgeable, beautiful budtenders, as you’ll see from the photo below.

It’s easy to fall in love with the LivWell canna-goddesses…


One of the best things about a Colorado marijuana vacation are the low retail prices, especially compared to the prices you see in non-legal states.

Ounces of sticky, mega-potent bud are often $250 or less.

The highest quality concentrates including e-cig oil infused with terpenoids are at least 10% lower-priced than the same quality and quantity of shatter, hash oil, wax, budder, dry sift, and bubblehash you could find in California, Oregon, or Washington.

Colorado pot entrepreneurs offer sophisticated assistance for your marijuana vacation.

You go to websites like Colorado Pot Guide to find out everything you want to know about—including lodging, marijuana night clubs, marijuana-friendly recreational events, the best marijuana dispensaries.

Marijuana growers from all over the world visit Colorado’s marijuana seed and clone sellers.

We’ve had very good seed-buying experiences in Boulder at Helping Hands Herbals.

We’ve had very good marijuana munchies eating experiences at these recommended restaurants and cafes!

You’re likely to have a smile on your face the whole time you’re in Colorado, just like this 10,000-watt smile  Snoop Dogg gave when he visited LivWell dispensaries…


Colorado’s marijuana industry makes it unnecessary to go to Holland for marijuana like we used to have to do.

A marijuana vacation in Colorado gives you more cannabis products and more fun than you can get anywhere else.

The Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, stoner symphonies, and Red Rocks concert amphitheater are all waiting for you to experience stoned.

Your Colorado marijuana vacation includes a Rocky Mountain high, and a whole lot more, so book your marijuana vacation today!

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