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You Don’t Have to Be a Lonely Marijuana Grower: Finding Safe Marijuana “Grow Buddies”

Growing marijuana is often an alone or lonely activity. For the sake of ensuring absolute safety, many of us never tell anyone we grow marijuana.

We’ve seen what happens when the wrong people know you’re a marijuana grower. It can get messy.

So we tend our plants alone, spending many hours in solitude because we want to preserve marijuana growing security.

But there’s a problem with being so isolated: we lose the opportunity to network with other hydroponics cannabis growers.

And we lose the opportunity to have marijuana grow helpers or grow buddies.

When you have marijuana grow buddies (especially people who’re older and more experienced at cannabis growing than you are), you get a huge amount of benefits. These include:

  • Expert advice on marijuana grow room systems, materials, hydroponics nutrients, watering, pruning, training, setting up a garden, harvesting and other grower skills.
  • Rare marijuana seeds and cuttings.
  • Emergency help when your marijuana plants are attacked by pests, diseases, or environmental conditions.
  • Emergency help if you have hydroponics equipment failures, floods, inferior hydroponics nutrients, electricity outages and other harsh marijuana gardening situations.
  • Assistance with harvesting, manicuring, curing, storing, and making bubblehash or solvent hashish.
  • Encouragement and mentoring.

So it’s obvious having a marijuana grow buddy can benefit you. But as we all know, anybody who knows you have a marijuana grow room has the potential to wreck your life.

How to find safe grow buddies? If you’re lucky, you grew up with stoner buddies who are childhood friends…good people who would never f**k you over.

You’ve been toking weed and maybe even growing marijuana with them since you were teenagers. You feel confident they’d never nark you or rip you, no matter the circumstances.

If you don’t have reliable, trustworthy long-time stoner-grower friends, maybe you’ve met people at work or in college who grow marijuana.

You have to be more cautious with them, because you haven’t know those people as long, and not as closely. In general, I don’t advise letting work colleagues in on your marijuana growing.

If you live in legal marijuana states where you can go to marijuana dispensaries, clubs, activism centers, pot events, or other networking opportunities, you can safely develop relationships with other cannabis growers.

You can also join online marijuana forums and cautiously network with other marijuana growers through private messaging to find people who are growing cannabis near where you live.

How would you know those people are legitimate and trustworthy? The most obvious way to measure it is by looking at their marijuana growing thread comments.

Are they saying intelligent things? Do they post impressive photos of their marijuana gardens?

Do they have a lot of posts (hundreds or thousands) and a generally friendly and helpful tone? Do they have high ratings and likes from other forum members?

The answers to these questions help you decide if you want to take the risk of reaching out to individuals.

I also suggest you consider using a marijuana social media app called MassRoots.com. I’ve heard good things about the safety and quality of networking you can do with that app.

Growing marijuana can be a lonely, solo endeavor…and that is the safest way to do it. But if you find a reliable, smart, ethical grow buddy, it will make your marijuana growing easier, less lonely, and more productive.

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