marijuana grow room controllersPerfect monitoring & management for your marijuana grow room via online and apps from wherever you are.

Check Out Wireless Marijuana Grow Room Controllers

Marijuana growers spend a lot of time and effort monitoring and managing their grow rooms and plants, but using marijuana grow room controllers reduces grower time and effort while increasing grow room efficiency, saving money,  and increasing yields.

We heard from How-To Hydro grow guru Eljay that one of the smartest marijuana grow room controllers systems is the SmartBee set-up.

SmartBee bases their whole-grow room monitoring and managing system on a device they call the “Hive Gateway.”

It’s a wireless gateway that handles all the sensors, power, and controls integral to the SmartBee system.

With the hard-wired, battery-backed up Hive Gateway, almost everything happening in your marijuana grow room is transmitted wirelessly from grow room sensors via the Internet to any device that’s logged in and via proprietary apps.

The SmartBee system is more than just a monitoring system. It’s also a controller system giving you real-time, continuous data and the ability to control marijuana grow room functions remotely.

The system includes LTH (light, temperature, humidity) sensors that wirelessly monitor climate conditions and give you the power to control devices such as fans, air conditioning, and dehumidifiers to match your light cycle and grow room climate.

The SmartBee people understand the complex details of grow rooms.

For example, they have an LTH C02 sensor that measures plant canopy C02 levels. Then the Hive Gateway and exclusive software monitor and manage all the hardware in the room to maximize C02  delivery, without wasting it.

The LTH sensors are solar-charged using your grow lights.

One of the really smart things about the SmartBee marijuana grow room controllers system is it measures the actual moisture content of your grow medium.

Most controller systems only allow you to monitor and manage your irrigation cycles.

But that can cause problems because marijuana plants often intake water at variable rates depending on growth phase, genetics, and other factors.

SmartBee uses a water content sensor module that works in soil and in hydroponics media such as rockwool, soilless mix, and coco coir so your roots aren’t drowned nor are they dying of thirst.

Instead, your roots get exactly the right amount of water at the right times.
This benefit is enhanced because SmartBee also offers you a handheld water content meter so you can personally monitor your root zone and then feed information into the Hive Gateway to further customize your watering program.

Along with managing temperature, humidity, root zone water content, lighting, and C02, the SmartBee system gives you Stinger™ Smart Plug and Stinger™ Smart Strip 4 devices that integrate with the Hive Gateway to give you electricity consumption information from attached electrical devices.

This set of functions can give you valuable real-time data for monitoring or control appliances… including on/off status.

The sensors and the system can detect unusual load patterns and malfunctioning appliances, so you save energy, decrease operating costs, and prevent fires, appliance blow-outs, and other disasters.

We’ve used all the major marijuana grow room controllers and monitors on the market, and most of them work adequately.

If they don’t, growers figure it out fast, and the company is run out of business.

But the SmartBee people have taken wireless, seamless, sensor-driven, interactive, machine-learning technology and given home cannabis growers and commercial marijuana growers a new and more effective way of integrating data and grow room control.

SmartBee promises to soon integrate motion sensors and video cameras into their wireless marijuana grow room controllers systems so you can add security enhancement to the list of benefits their tech gives you.

When you use marijuana grow room controllers like the SmartBee system, your plants are happier, your grow room runs better, your grow room safety is increased, and your ease of growing is improved.

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