sell marijuanaThere’s more to selling marijuana than just making lots of money.

Why I Love to Sell Marijuana

I grow and sell marijuana in Florida.

It’s not a legal marijuana state even though voters passed Amendment 2 in 2016– one of the lamest medical marijuana laws ever seen.

One reason I love to sell marijuana in Florida is that prohibition puts prices for the top-shelf bud I grow at around $425 per ounce.

I run 3-4 full seasons of full-size plants per year, harvesting 7-8 pounds of dried bud each season from the five lights I run.

I average a total yearly harvest of 27 pounds.

I sell 70% of my marijuana to several long-time retail customers.

My yearly grow room expenses including genetics, electricity, water, equipment, soil, nutrients, etc. are about $6700.

The profits I make from my marijuana growing are enough to pay my mortgage and car payment, add money to an investment account, and live a middle-class lifestyle.

But profits aren’t the only reason I love to sell marijuana.

The other reason is I’m helping people.

For example, one of my customers is a 52-year-old high school teacher.

She teaches in a battleground school in a high-crime neighborhood.

She has five grueling classes a day, a total of 130 students.

Two of her classes are for “severely emotionally disturbed” students—kids who are very difficult to manage.

Students have pulled guns and knives on her.

She’s been threatened and physically attacked by students and parents.

She has to pay for classroom supplies out of her own pocket.

I deliver two ounces of fine bud to her every seven weeks.

She has a small glass pipe she uses to smoke about half a gram of sticky bud twice a day—once on her way to school, and then again as she’s driving home.

Being a public-school teacher can be extremely stressful, she reports.

A high percentage of her colleagues have strokes, heart attacks, severe depression, and other work-related health problems.

She says at least half of her colleagues are on prescription anti-depressants, sedatives, and other chemical drugs, or they drink a lot of alcohol and smoke lots of cigarettes.

The other day when I was leaving her house after bringing her a powerful Kush strain, she said the following:

“Thank you for keeping me happy. Before I met you, I was buying brick Mexican or Jamaican brown schwag. Now I take a couple of puffs and feel good all day and into the evening. I can sleep at night. I can make it through the school year without losing it. I can be there for the kids.”

This thank-you made me feel very good.

I have other customers, including a triathlete who uses cannabis to reduce body pain, and a recovering Oxy addict.

They’ve also told me that when I sell marijuana, it makes their lives much better.

Sure, when I grow and sell marijuana, I make good money.

But more importantly, I help people and society.

The $425 an ounce is just one of many benefits I get when I sell marijuana!

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