People have various motivations for using marijuana… or not using it.People have various motivations for using marijuana… or not using it.

What Marijuana Growers & Sellers Should Know About Why People Are Using Marijuana

Marijuana growers often grow cannabis for themselves and others.

In seeking to better serve the needs of marijuana consumers, growers benefit by knowing why people start using marijuana, and what keeps them from starting.

Let’s take a look at why people use marijuana:

• Medical benefits: More and more people know that marijuana favorably competes with pharmaceutical drugs for a variety of conditions, with far fewer side effects and no lethal dose. For some conditions such as chronic pain, cannabis provides unique symptomatic relief no other medication provides.
• Social-recreational benefits: The alcohol industry’s fears have come true—when people have the choice of using marijuana or booze, they’re increasingly choosing marijuana. Marijuana is increasingly seen as a safer, more entertaining “social drug” than alcohol and other drugs.
• Psychological benefits: Using marijuana to help with PTSD, depression, and other psychological and emotional ailments is increasingly popular.
• Exercise benefits: Using marijuana can help athletes perform more creatively, and recover from exercise injuries. Read here for more information about using marijuana during exercise.
• Aphrodisiacal benefits: Cannabis is a known aphrodisiac used to enhance sexual pleasure.
• Replacing harmful prescription drugs: Cannabis is being used to help people kick opioids and other prescription or illicit drugs that are addictive and harmful.
• Spiritual benefits: Marijuana has long been used by yogis in India and elsewhere because it focuses and expands the mind. Nowadays, there are ganja yoga classes, and marijuana churches.

Marijuana growers and retailers should also know the following reasons that people quit marijuana or are hesitant to start using it, because these reasons directly impact the number of people using marijuana:

• Reefer madness lies about cannabis causing addiction, violence, laziness, mental illness. Many people still believe these lies.
• Workplace drug testing. It’s very hard to beat a marijuana drug test.
• Cannabis illegality, fear of jail, fear of police abuses during marijuana arrests.
• Social stigma or family disapproval.
• Fear of smoking cannabis and/or fears about cannabis effects.
• Cost and/or hassles of procuring cannabis.
• Low quality cannabis or lack of availability of quality cannabis.
• Lack of information about benefits and enjoyable aspects of using marijuana.

Marijuana growers and retailers can use this information about people’s motivations, thoughts and feelings so we can ensure maximum market penetration.

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