What Is The Secret To Gaining Marijuana Yields?

Marijuana growers spend an average of 3-4 months per crop cycle and they want the heaviest harvests with the most THC for their work. That’s why marijuana growers argue about when’s the best time to harvest marijuana.

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to know is to examine the buds to see if the resin glands are cloudy or amber–sure signs that harvest time has arrived.

You see the white hairs turn orange and brown…another sign that it’s time to harvest. Or you’re growing a reliable marijuana strain made by a professional breeder like Subcool TGA, and the breeder says this strain takes 60 days in bloom phase, so you harvest at 65 days in bloom phase unless something’s gone wrong to delay your crop maturation.

Some marijuana growers are either too early or too late in harvesting their marijuana. They harvest when the bud hairs are all white and the resin glands are all clear. Or they harvest when the bud hairs are all brown and the resin glands are all fallen and amber/cloudy.

Harvest too early and you lose weight and you get a lighter, less body-stoned high. Harvest too late and you get a heavy high that lacks the upper end of euphoria and stimulation because too-late marijuana has seen degradation of THC and too much CBD and CBN.

One of the best ways to work with particular strains to find out when’s the best time to harvest is to do incremental harvesting. You can read about incremental marijuana harvesting in other articles here on But the method is in the name…instead of harvesting all at once, you harvest a 65-day bloom phase crop a little at a time starting at 50 days, 58 days, 65 days, and 70 days.

Then you properly dry and cure those buds, and test them to see which ones give you the high and taste you want the most from that strain.

One thing to do as your plants approach harvest time is to push them to make a final go at adding weight, THC, and other cannabinoids. Pump them with molasses or Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, and Overdrive starting ten days before you intend to flush your crops.

So if you have a 65-day bloom phase TGA/Subcool crop, at day 45-46 and even before, you’re adding those sugars, bud and THC enhancers, and Overdrive’s extra phosphorus and potassium.

Maybe also turn up the light intensity by adding a plasma light or an extra HID light. Put some wind on them and extra C02. It’s like pushing a tired runner to give it his all as he approaches the finish line.

Just remember to cut off the nutrients and do a flush so your plants get nothing but clean water for the last few days before you cut. This purges extra nutrients salts and other garbage out of your crops! Cleaner and sweeter tasting buds result from proper flushing.

Impatience, or not paying close enough attention, can result in harvesting at the wrong time so you lose some of the value of harvesting just right.

When you spend your money, time, and hope on each marijuana season, keep looking to for these insider tips to getting your best hydroponics, organics, indoor and outdoor cannabis harvests ever!


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