Watch Insane Marijuana Videos from Vice Media

I love watching marijuana videos of all kinds: cannabis growing videos, marijuana documentaries, news, reviews of hydroponics growing equipment, and shows with marijuana celebrities and the pot lifestyle.

And I have to tell you, the most interesting marijuana lifestyle videos I’ve seen are from Vice Media group, which is famous for Vice Magazine and other media properties.

I’ve given you some of Vice’s amazing marijuana videos in this article, and I consider Vice as the “” of alternative media.

Vice was founded as part of a creative journalism, community service, and media project in Montreal, Quebec in 1994, but now has grown into a worldwide conglomerate.

The conglomerate publishes and distributes books, documentaries, music, and journalism through several of its own media channels…and does joint projects with HBO and MTV.

Vice is so desirable because it reaches the prime youth demographic, and that’s why right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch invested $70 million in Vice.

Marijuana people enjoy Vice productions such as Reincarnated, a documentary showing how and why weed musician Snoop Dogg attempted to rebrand himself by becoming a Rastafarian and calling himself “Snoop Lion.”

You’ll also get off on the Vice “Weediquette” channel that explores marijuana products and getting high.

As you’ll see when you watch the cannabis videos embedded in this article, Vice offers wild, surreal, edgy reporting, editing, graphics, special effects, music, and topics you just can’t see on other media outlets.

Their on-camera reporters have radical, sometimes odd personalities and antics, whether they’re heading up the Amazon River in search of a hallucinogenic frog, tracking marijuana gardens in Africa, explaining Islam, or providing “guides” to activities like anal sex.

As you might guess, sex is a favorite Vice topic…

Vice co-founder Shane Smith mainstream journalism and entertainment media aren’t providing truthful, intelligent, or interesting content.

When you look at Vice marijuana videos, and some of the other video topics we’re showing you in this article, you’ll see Vice has indeed taken media to a higher level.

Vice is addictive. Their videos are like miniature movies. The production values, music, imagery, and edginess of their videos is way beyond what you usually see on YouTube.

Now inhale some fine cannabis bud, errl, shatter, wax or whatever cannabis product floats your psychoactive boat, and feast on this article’s wicked Vice eye candy…

Vice Enjoys Butane Honey Oil

Vice Shows “How to Sell Drugs”

Vice Profiles the “Kings of Cannabis”

Vice Finds Marijuana Gold In Africa

Vice Lebanese Marijuana & Hashish Production Video

Vice Goes Down Under 4 Aussie Marijuana Festival

Vice Shows Legal Marijuana Sales

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