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Vitamin B Complex = Healthier, Stronger, Higher-Yielding Marijuana Plants

Vitamin B supplements are good for people and for marijuana plants.

People take Vitamin B to fight stress. Marijuana growers give Vitamin B to their marijuana plants because it provides stress relief and a whole lot more.

The key uses for Vitamin B in marijuana gardens are:

  • During marijuana seeds germination, cloning, transplanting, super-cropping and bloom phase.  This includes using on marijuana motherplants, especially after cuttings are taken.
  • When cannabis plants have been exposed to pests, diseases, drought, overwatering, grow room environment problems or any other extreme stress.
  • During bloom phase to increase bloom size and cannabinoid production.
  • As a foliar spray to protect marijuana plants from sunburn, pests, and to stimulate photosynthesis and base metabolism.
  • When using C02 (carbon dioxide), double-ended bulbs, or high-powered feed programs.
  • When you’re breeding marijuana seeds.
  • When you’re growing pure-Sativa or nearly pure Sativa strains indoors.

One confusing fact is that Vitamin B isn’t just one compound.

It’s actually a group of compounds offering various forms of Vitamin B.

In human supplements, it’s called “Vitamin B complex.”

In most hydroponics supplements and hydroponics base nutrients, you aren’t getting all the useful variations of Vitamin B that your marijuana plants need.

Most of them contain only Vitamin B1.

But there are many other B vitamins that help marijuana plants:

  • Vitamin B5 is essential for marijuana plants. Too little of it, and they die.
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is essential for your marijuana plants because it helps them in carbohydrate production and metabolism that fuel foliar and floral growth.
  • Vitamin B1 assists plants in phosphorus uptake. Phosphorus is a major essential nutrient for marijuana plants, especially in bloom phase.
  • Riboflavin (B2) helps your plants fight diseases and viruses that commonly attack marijuana plants.
  • Niacin (B3) promotes marijuana plant metabolism and cellular integrity.
  • Biotin (B7) helps your plants manufacture amino acids and energy. 
  • Folic Acid helps your cannabis plants maintain genetic integrity so they grow out to be the strains you hoped they’d be.

The thing about Vitamin B complex is that marijuana plants especially in bloom phase can’t synthesize all the different variations of Vitamin B fast enough or in enough quantity.

Some forms of Vitamin B break down easily and can’t be stored in sufficient quantities by your marijuana plants, especially during bloom phase.

When you supplement Vitamin B complex, you greatly assist your marijuana plants, freeing them from having to produce and store their own Vitamin B components.

The most comprehensive and effective Vitamin B formula is called B-52.

Unlike inferior Vitamin B hydroponics products like Thrive Alive that contain mostly N-P-K and one B vitamin, B-52 has the full range of B vitamins.

The other thing I like about B-52 is that its vitamins are mostly derived from natural sources such as kelp and other sea plants.

These sources come with hormones and other beneficial compounds, along with the B vitamins they provide.

Vitamin B complex as found in a hydroponics product like B-52 is an inexpensive, easy to use, and valuable part of a high-yielding, high-quality marijuana plants feed program.

You get healthier, faster-growing marijuana plants that produce larger, more-potent buds when you use hydroponics Vitamin B complex.

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