Videos to Watch High on Marijuana From A Wild & Smart LSD Girl

The lawyers for won’t let us explicitly endorse use of LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), DMT, peyote, mescaline, and psilocybin mushrooms.

But it’s no secret many marijuana users and growers are interested in other mind-altering substances, and that hallucinogens in general are being shown in clinical studies to be useful in psychotherapy and other helpful ways.

Marijuana is grouped with LSD, mescaline and related substances in a category called “hallucinogens.”

Marijuana and other hallucinogens have medical, spiritual, and hedonistic uses.

We recently discovered fascinating videos made by a beguiling young woman named Krystle Cole who was a close confidant of  the world’s largest manufacturer of pure LSD.

Take a look at Krystle Cole’s astounding life…

According to Cole’s book “Lysergic,” she was deeply involved with Leonard Pickard, the world’s most productive professional LSD chemist.

Pickard had a massive LSD laboratory in an abandoned Kansas missile silo.

Pickard’s lab produced hundreds of thousands of doses of the purest Window Pane blotter acid and Microdot LSD tablets every year.

According to federal prosecutors, when Pickard was busted and shut down, the world’s supply of pure LSD dropped by 90%!

Cole was a “Grateful Dead-head” young woman who got involved with Pickard and Pickard associate Todd Skinner.

She married Skinner, and spent the next three years ingesting novel versions of LSD and other chemical and natural drugs while enduring abuse at the hands of Skinner.

According to Cole, the abuse included forced drugging, violence, and death threats.

Once, her nemesis overdosed her on LSD in a vain attempt to fry her brain and trip her to death!

She turned to federal and local law enforcement for help, but they did nothing to help her, she says.

She describes her experience during those trippy years as a “crazy, psychedelic freak show.”

It’s a miracle she escaped those LSD businessmen who’d driven themselves mad using too many powerful, rare, self-made hallucinogens.

Fortunately, Krystle Cole now has a professional career studying how people alter their consciousness.

Cole earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree studying how people alter consciousness, and also founded one of the most interesting “tripper” organizations ever created.

It’s called NeuroSoup, and it offers a rich resource for anyone interested in LSD, mescaline, peyote, and other entheogens, along with mind-alteration techniques that don’t involve the use of “drugs.”

On NeuroSoup and in her ongoing YouTube videos, Cole deals with topics that are as important for marijuana users as they are for LSD users.

These include the use of LSD for personal growth, how to create the right physical and mental environment for using hallucinogens, and how to avoid harming yourself with mind-altering substances.

When you watch Cole’s videos and participate in the NeuroSoup website and see that Krystle Cole is pleasant, pretty, sweet, smart, and kind, you wonder how her brain survived so sharp and intact after all the trips she went on.

You really get a good vibe from her, and she definitely knows how to describe LSD trips and other drug experiences so you get a real feel for what it’s like to trip your brains out.

I admire Cole for maintaining her exceptional intelligence, innocent-girl good looks, and New Age demeanor.

If most of us had done as much acid as she has, we’d be babbling fools.

Now inhale some fine cannabis, and watch her videos. She’s a psychedelic trip!

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