overcoming sexual problems with marijuana

Using Marijuana to Overcome Sexual Problems

We’ve talked a lot about using marijuana as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire, but marijuana is also a sexual facilitator that helps us get past sexual inhibitions so we have more sex fun!

I experienced this marijuana effect when my resistance to having sex with another woman disappeared after I got stoned with a bi-sexual woman who’d wanted to have sex with me.

We were friends, and she’d repeatedly made it clear she desired to have girl-on-girl sex with me, but I was uncomfortable with the idea, and blocked my feelings about it.

Then one day we got high together, the weed loosened me up, the girl-girl sex was great, and I realized I’m “bi-sexual.”

That’s just one example of how cannabis can help you expand your sexual playbook.

My friend Laura told me how marijuana helped her get past her own sexual barriers.

She explained she’d started masturbating at age 14 and by age 18 was using a dildo, clit stimulator, and butt plug to masturbate.

When she started having sex with guys, she was unable to have orgasms, no matter how much she wanted to cum.

Worried and embarrassed, she believed she’d become so “spoiled” by masturbating that she’d made it too hard for a guy to stimulate her to have orgasms.

Worse yet, because her male partner put a lot of value on making her come, she faked orgasms rather than tell him it wasn’t working for her.

Laura’s situation isn’t unusual: a significant percentage of men and women experience orgasm dysfunction.

Psychologists and physicians say orgasmic dysfunction sometimes comes from physical problems.

But another cause is psychological, including low self-esteem, shyness, poor body image, lack of trust and intimacy, relationship problems, fear of being “real” or losing control, or having been abused.

I asked Laura: Is it that you’re not horny, or you’re horny but the orgasms just won’t come?

She said she was plenty horny, that she was masturbating a lot because of that, and was frustrated a guy couldn’t get her off.

I suggested she should get high with her sex partner, use marijuana massage oil, and talk to him about her sexual needs.

So she made marijuana massage oil using Holy Grail Kush and applied it to her vulva, inside her vagina, and clitoris.

“The first thing we did is talk. I confessed I was faking orgasms,” Laura said. “We had an honest conversation. It made me horny. I felt a lot more comfortable. As soon as he touched me, I came. This was the first time I had orgasms because of someone else’s touch!”

Other people tell me marijuana helps them be more open to sexual role-playing, experimenting with new sex positions, and other sex fun.

The general feeling is cannabis makes it easier for you to relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy heightened sensations…all of which leads to more sexual pleasure and exploration.

So there you have it: if you’re experiencing orgasm problems or other difficulties in the bedroom, or just want to spice up your sex life, use marijuana to facilitate better communication and sexual compatibility.

I predict you’ll get more pleasure and orgasms when you combine sex with marijuana!

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