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Weed World Web: Unusual Places To Purchase Cannabis-Related Gifts

Rather than fighting crowds in the mall this year, de-stress your holiday shopping and find that special cannabis connoisseur in your life the perfect present. If you feel that you’re lacking in gift ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our gift guide that will save you time and money, while easing up on the panic.

Coming from Utah, where medical marijuana legislation was passed this year during the midterm elections, I was living in a desert of smoking and vaping paraphernalia that only started to become tolerable with the invention of the internet. However, upon relocating to Washington last summer, I was thrilled to discover the amount of glass and dabbing equipment that was affordable and easily accessible.

I fully support shopping locally and supporting local glass artists, but sometimes a cannabis enthusiast must turn to alternative measures if there are no shops or artists nearby. This made me think of people who live in prohibitionist states, and my friends who still resort to making pipes from aluminum cans (don’t forget to put a carb on the end) and repairing their broken bongs with duct tape. These are the people who need to know how to access quality cannabis accessories and paraphernalia safely and without breaking the bank.

Pass The Dab Torch

In search of dabbing torches, one of my first online stops was Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was delighted to find a healthy selection of propane and butane torches (marketed, of course, for creating decadent creme brulee desserts) starting at a very reasonable $19.99 (for an entire brulèe set by Oggi), to a Professional Culinary Creme Brulee Torch in Stainless Steel by BonJour for $39.99.

You can find pages of deals on torches starting at $3.99 on Amazon, as well as through Walmart, which offers the convenient option of in-store or online purchase. A search for “kitchen torch” on yielded hundreds of results, ranging from a simple version by Dilwe for $8.03, to a culinary butane kitchen torch by Inflame for $45.36. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many options.

It’s Toking Tool Time

Need some dab tools? Look no further than Amazon for this six-piece Wax Carving & Collecting Tool Set with metal carrying case by Dultek for only $14.99. The set includes all the stainless steel tools you need and, according to the product description, they work “great with wax and all other gooey concentrates.” Perfect.

Sticky-icky-icky Silicone Valley

As any cannabis aficionado knows, proper storage of your concentrates is all important, and these 8ml food-grade nonstick silicone jars by Honeypuff are a good solution. Eco friendly and super portable, get ’em in a five-pack from Amazon for just $6.99.

When you’re ready to partake in some concentrates, Bed, Bath & Beyond offers an array of silicone mats, with more than 70 to choose from, starting at $8.99. And for the cannabis enthusiast with a sweet tooth, there’s a generous selection of silicone candy molds starting at $2.99, which are always handy in case you want to get creative in the kitchen with homemade infused gummy or chocolate candies. Your friends and family will thank you.

Grinders, Pipes And Papers, Oh My!

I reached out to my cannabis community to find out what choice picks they had come across, and a friend shared that she found a five-chamber grinder on Wish for $12. I decided to start my search on Wish for grinders, which did indeed result in a huge variety of styles, colors and materials, all with discounts of up to 93 percent. This is a site that cannabis connoisseurs need to check out, stat.

Of course, one of the top online retailers of glass bongs and water pipes, bubblers, glass pipes, vaporizers, grinders, hand pipes and rolling papers is Grasscity. Otherwise known as the “world’s best online headshop,” this is where I purchased by first big glass piece — a large honeycomb double percolating recycler — and was able to get it delivered discreetly to my front door in Utah for about $130. also carries a variety of cannabis-related material, including weed-centric art, T-shirts and marijuana-leaf jewelry, and is currently offering a discount coupon of 15 percent. (Click here for a list of coupons and promotions from Overstock.)

Even if you live in the most unfriendly place in the world when it comes to cannabis, there is no reason you can’t have the type of paraphernalia you want, need and deserve. There are loads of products available online, so grab those Black Friday deals, score some free shipping, and get lit. Treat yourself, or that special person, this holiday season, and please remember to always consume responsibly.

Have fun shopping this season and happy holidays!

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