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Top-Shelf Hydroponic Beneficial Microbes For Marijuana

Marijuana roots love hydroponics beneficial microbes.

Beneficial microbes are strains of bacteria and fungi that exist in natural, healthy root zones.

They provide many important services to marijuana roots. Without them, roots are less healthy, efficient, and useful.

Beneficial microbes increase marijuana root size and root mass.

They increase the rate of root growth so roots get larger faster.

They bond with roots to increase absorption of oxygen, nutrients, and water.

They colonize the root zone to make it a more friendly environment for roots.

What I mean by “friendly” is that the microbes modify the root zone to protect roots from drought, overwatering, harmful microbes, and other stress.

Beneficial bacteria accelerate the decomposition of organic matter into usable nutrients, and in some cases can increase the solubility of particular minerals.

This symbiotic relationship between beneficial microorganisms and plants is one of the most complex in the world of botany — microorganisms feed on sugars provided by the plant, and in return produce enzymes that accelerate nutrients uptake.

Good microbes exist in natural soil outdoors, but not so much if at all in commercial potting soils.

In some cases soil manufacturers add in beneficials, but they’re not always doing it the right way, so you can’t be sure those microbes will help your marijuana plants.

And unless you add the microbes yourself, you won’t find any beneficial microorganisms in pure hydroponics systems such as deep water culture, aeroponics, rockwool, and coco coir… although you could find harmful microorganisms that rot your roots.

In almost all marijuana growing situations, your cannabis plants benefit when you add helpful microbes into the root zone.

There are many products you see in hydroponics stores that claim to contain beneficial microbes.

Most of these products have quality problems and are a waste of your money.

One problem is that marijuana roots do best with specific strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi, but most hydroponics store beneficial microbes products don’t contain those specific strains.

Some of them actually contain strains that harm your marijuana root zone.

Another problem is that the sourcing, bottling, shipment, and storage of beneficial microbes products often renders those products not viable.

They’re no longer biologically active.

Based on research conducted by our marijuana grower team, the only beneficial microbes products specifically made for marijuana roots are made by hydroponics company Advanced Nutrients.

They have three different liquid formulas that contain bioactive strains of fungi or beneficial microbes specifically designed for marijuana roots.

Their products are guaranteed fresh and active, unlike many other beneficial microbes products.

These products are known as Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula.

The reason there are three different products is because the strains of bacteria or fungi in each of them have to be stored and shipped in separate bottles so they don’t degrade each other.

Advanced Nutrients also provides a product called Microbial Munch. This product contains carbohydrates that feed beneficial microbes so they grow faster.

The information I just provided you isn’t just what the company Advanced Nutrients tells people. I speak from personal marijuana growing experience.

As a professional grower using mostly pure hydroponics systems such as rockwool and deep water culture, I’ve used many beneficial microbes products, including powdered ones like Mykos, and seen no benefit in the root zone.

However when I started using the Advanced Nutrients products, I saw visible and significant increases in root mass and uptake of water and nutrients.

In fact, I had to do root pruning to keep my supercharged roots from clogging the irrigation systems in my grow op.

That’s how powerful the Advanced Nutrients beneficial microbes products are.

I also note that adding “good” microbes into hydroponics reservoirs and systems such as deep water culture requires some research and skill.

One reason I favor the Advanced Nutrients brand is they have technical support people who understand our kind of gardening, and they can advise you about water temperature, pH, circulation, and other factors that affect the value of adding microbes to pure hydroponics irrigation systems.

The main thing to remember is that the healthier your marijuana roots, the faster your plants grow, and the bigger and more potent your buds will be.

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