autoflowering marijuanaTop autoflowering marijuana strains give you big yields of potent bud faster than regular marijuana can.

Top Dozen Autoflowering Marijuana Strains

Autoflowering marijuana has come a long way in a short time.

(Note that some commercial breeders have stopped using the term “autoflowering marijuana” and are now using the term “automatic marijuana.”)

As recently as five years ago, our grow team cultivated the top autoflowering marijuana strains and found the buds way too leafy, with no higher than 13.5% THC content and way too much CBD and CBN.

Because of the excess CBD and CBN, the highs were muted, heavy, and boring.

We also found problems with some autoflowering marijuana brands that didn’t automatically flower, had low germination rates, took way longer to mature than their breeder specified, and displayed a lack of genetic consistency.

There are still a lot of inferior autoflowering marijuana seeds on the market.

Too many people who know little about marijuana breeding or cannabis seeds quality control are jumping onto the autoflowering marijuana train trying to ride it to a harvest of profits.

In fact, with more and more new and established seed companies selling autoflowering marijuana seeds, the majority of autoflowering marijuana seeds aren’t worth buying.

auto flowering

Fortunately, a few legitimate seed breeding companies improved autoflowering marijuana so it comes very close to equaling the yields, potency, and psychoactive effects you get from regular (photoperiod) marijuana.

In our analysis of the autoflowering marijuana industry, there are five commercial seed companies making feminized autoflowering seeds that have near-100% germination rates, grow true, and produce acceptable weight and resin results.

We’ve recently seen skilled autoflowering marijuana growers getting 125-210 grams of tight, resinous, stony bud per plant from the top autoflowering marijuana strains.

We’re giving you exclusive articles on how to grow and feed autoflowering marijuana so you get the highest weight, cannabinoids, and terpenoids from every crop.

But today in this article, we’re showing the top autoflowering marijuana strains in the world.

You can absolutely count on these autoflowering marijuana strains to finish faster from germination to harvest than photoperiod marijuana, to give you large yields without excessive amount of leaf in the buds, and to get you as high as photoperiod cannabis.

Here the top dozen autoflowering marijuana strains…

Sagarmatha Autoflowering AK-48: Bred from photoperiod AK-47 and crossed with autoflowering Lowryder, this is a fast-maturing feminized plant that can be harvested 8-9 weeks after germination.

It’s known for very high potency, which is true to its AK-47 photoperiod marijuana heritage.

Dutch Passion AutoDaiquiri Lime is based on a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste.

It was hybridized-bred with photoperiod Sour Diesel cannabis and then transformed into a feminized autoflowering strain.

This is a Sativa-dominant autoflowering plant that can be harvested on average 11 weeks after germination.

Dinafem Bubba Kush: Bubba Kush Auto resembles photoperiod Bubba Kush. It was produced by crossing photoperiod Bubba Kush with autoflowering White Widow.

It retains Kush characteristics, is available only in feminized seeds, and has a 63-70-day life cycle.

Sagarmatha Smurfberry Auto: Growers who like Blueberry, which is one of the heritage Indica photoperiod strains, enjoy Smurfberry.

This feminized autoflowering strain can handle large amounts of nutrients and may yield 90 or more grams per plant with an 8-week life cycle.

Dutch Passion AutoMazar: This strain is grown from feminized seed based on Dutch Passion’s popular photoperiod Mazar.

It’s Indica dominant and known for a knockout high, above-average resin production, and heavy harvests.

Dutch Passion reports that some growers have gotten 200 grams or more per plant using AutoMazar.

Dinafem Haze XXL started out as an autoflowering strain called Haze 2.0. The new version provides increased yield after its breeders crossed Haze 2.0 with a photoperiod Jack Herer.

Jack Herer is itself Haze-based, so the Sativa-dominance of Haze strains is preserved in this feminized autoflowering strain that has a 79-86 day life cycle.

Dutch Passion AutoUltimate: The Dutch Passion photoperiod cannabis strain known as “The Ultimate” is the basis for this feminized autoflowering strain which also includes AutoMazar influences.

It has an equal amount of Sativa and Indica genetics, is a heavy feeder, produces tight, dense buds, and is known as a heavy producer.

Dinafem Dinamex Autoflowering: This is one of the most complex genetic crosses in the autoflowering world.

It contains California Orange, Mexican Sativa, Sour Diesel, and Emerald OG Kush genetics, along with Ruderalis.

Dinamex Autoflowering likes high-parts per million feed programs and produces moderate yields of potent flowers with a total life cycle of 75 days.

auto flowering

Mephisto Ripley’s OG: Mephisto is a small, boutique cannabis seed breeding company that has a great reputation for specialty cannabis strains that no other breeder offers.

Derived from several photoperiod OG strains, and not feminized, this strain is a high yielder with classic Kush traits.

It’s also valued because growers can try to breed their own autoflowering seeds.

This strain has a 73-80 day life cycle and extremely dense Kush-style buds.

Growers have to be careful not to overwater this strain during mid-bloom and late-bloom as the excess moisture ends up in the buds, creating a breeding ground for gray mold.

With intense feeding and lighting, and especially in pure hydroponics systems, this strain has been known to produce 150-220 grams of dried Kush buds per plant.

Dinafem Cheese Autoflowering: I’m not a big fan of the Cheese cannabis category because the smell puts me off and it’s Indica-dominant (I prefer Sativa).

However, growers who love Cheese cannabis strains say that the feminized, autoflowering Cheese from Dinafem is as good as photoperiod Cheese strains.

Cheese Autoflowering is known as a hardy plant that can handle harsh conditions.

This strain is a moderate-yielder that takes 70 days from germination to harvest.

Sensi Seeds White Label Super Skunk Automatic: This is an almost all-Indica autoflowering strain known for fast growth, very large yields, and a narcotic, pain-relieving high.

Super Skunk works especially well in outdoor growing during spring and summer.

This strain should be topped a week before flowering to increase its horizontal profile and make the yields even bigger.

Dutch Passion Think Big: One of few reliable Sativa strains in the marijuana autoflowering world.

Dutch Passion told us they grew out nearly a thousand plants to create this special strain.

Due to the Sativa genetics, this autoflowering marijuana strain grows taller than most autoflowering strains, and takes takes 13-14 weeks from germination to harvest.

The photos and videos in this article show you autoflowering marijuana strains from Dutch Passion, the world’s premier autoflowering cannabis seed breeder.

You see yields per plant are impressive, the leaf to calyx ratio is favorable, and the buds are packed with cannabinoids and terpenoids.

We recommend that every serious marijuana grower try autoflowering marijuana from one or more of these top strains and see how automatic cannabis works for you.

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