Cannabis Nutrients

Top 3 Reasons to Use Cannabis Nutrients Instead of Generic Hydroponics Nutrients

When I first started growing cannabis I used Miracle-Gro fertilizer instead of cannabis nutrients.

I assumed marijuana is a plant, so plants all need the same food, and Miracle-Gro is dirt cheap, so go for it.

My marijuana plants didn’t look great on Miracle-Gro, but I had no experience growing with other fertilizers, so lacked any basis to know what could be better for my marijuana garden.

Then one day I was on a road trip and stopped at a saloon in farm country.

I overheard farmers talking about fertilizing their crops and learned that each farm crop gets its own special blends of fertilizers.

So I started going to hydroponics stores to get nutrients for my cannabis, instead of using Miracle-Gro.

As I pay close attention to how my feed program affects my cannabis plants, I realize that only “cannabis nutrients” are good enough for your marijuana plants.

What I mean by cannabis nutrients are nutrients made specifically for marijuana. Here’s why your plants need them:

* Marijuana is unlike any other plant species. When you hear people claim you can feed marijuana any kind of fertilizer because “marijuana is just a weed,” you’re hearing advice that’s not based on facts.

First off, marijuana is not a weed. If it was just a weed, you and I wouldn’t be caring so much about growing it.

In actual fact, cannabis is the most highly-valued plant in the world…the ONLY plant that produces THC and other cannabinoids.

Another thing to know is your marijuana plants give you way more weight and THC when you feed them a very specific set of nutrients ratios and supplementary materials that optimally stimulate metabolic pathways that create cannabinoids.

Generic non-marijuana fertilizers like Miracle-Gro and most hydroponics nutrients don’t have correct ratios and types of nutrient elements to help your marijuana plants produce maximum cannabinoid percentages or harvest weight.

* Specialty supplements (along with essential elements such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus) maximize marijuana potency, growth rates, and yield.

Most fertilizers, even those sold in hydroponics stores, contain only N-P-K and other standard nutritional elements.

But your marijuana plants are healthier, grow faster, and make heavier harvests when you give them cannabis nutrients that include supplements like seaweed (kelp) extract, Vitamin B complex, salicylic acid, potassium silicate, and other materials not found in most fertilizers.

* Manufacturers of fertilizers should have crop-specific expertise and provide crop-specific technical support.

Those soy, wheat, corn, and alfalfa farmers in the saloon told me commercial fertilizer companies have technical advisors who’ve grown field crops and have college degrees in plant science and agriculture.

The advisors help farmers customize their feed programs and help farmers when crop problems arise.

Every crop has its own unique fertilizer program.

It’s not one size fits all. Every species of plants likes its own specific diet.

So hey, if you buy fertilizer from a company making generic fertilizers, don’t expect their generic fertilizers to boost your bud size or cannabinoid percentages.

And don’t expect them to help you with your marijuana growing problems either. How could they help you since…

They’ve never grown marijuana.

Their fertilizers and nutrients aren’t made for or tested on marijuana.

The people at that company have no idea how to help you grow dank weed, and their fertilizers aren’t cannabis nutrients.

And that really is an important point to remember—unless a company has marijuana growers on staff and is testing its products on marijuana plants, they have nothing to offer you beyond generic ferts and lame advice.

It’s easy to see that buying nutrients for marijuana from companies that don’t have marijuana plants in their test facilities is like buying a cookbook from someone who never cooks!

So how do you find out which if any companies test their fertilizer and hydroponics nutrients products on marijuana plants and understand marijuana growing?

Call them up and ask the following questions: Does your company make cannabis nutrients and if so what kind of testing does your company do on marijuana plants?

Advanced Nutrients is the only company that freely admits to me that they make cannabis nutrients guaranteed to boost cannabinoid percentages, cannabis plant health, and crop yields.

Based on their marijuana specific testing and knowledge, I bought their “Sensi Bloom” hydroponics base nutrients that automatically balance and adjust pH.

Now that I feed my plants cannabis nutrients instead of generic fertilizers, I have an easier time growing earlier-maturing, bigger buds with more THC.

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