marijuana plantsGiving your marijuana plants good food should be accompanied by giving yourself good food too!

Taking Care of Yourself Like You Take Care of Your Marijuana Plants

Those of us who are serious marijuana growers harvesting two or more pounds of dried bud per light are probably treating our marijuana plants better than we treat ourselves!

According to Michael Straumietis, an expert cannabis cultivator who founded hydroponics giant Advanced Nutrients and is also a health, fitness, and anti-aging enthusiast, the best growers give their plants high quality food, environment, and lighting.

If they fail to provide those conditions and inputs, their plants suffer and may even die.

And the same principles that apply to making marijuana plants healthy can be applied to making you healthy, Straumietis says.

Let’s look at his advice…

Pure Water for Marijuana Plants & You

“Most of us don’t drink enough water. But the bad stuff in tap water and most well water hurts plants and people,” Straumietis explains. “Look at the situation in Flint, and realize that dozens of other regions have water as bad if not worse than Flint.”

Straumietis says chlorine and/or chloramines in municipal water can kill beneficial microbes in the marijuana root zone, and in your digestive system.

Automotive runoff, industrial waste, agricultural poisons, and naturally occurring toxic substances such as arsenic are also found in well water and tap water, he warns.

“Your plants should be drinking reverse osmosis water, and you should too,” Straumietis says. “Reverse osmosis that you make yourself is better and cheaper than bottled water, well water, or tap water.”

Giving Marijuana Plants & Yourself the Best Nutrition

Straumietis created Advanced Nutrients because he was running a hydroponics retail store and his customers told him the hydroponics nutrients and fertilizers he sold were hurting their plants.

Marijuana plants require specific types and ratios of nutrients elements, he explains, and before he created the Advanced Nutrients line of hydroponics base nutrients and supplements, nobody was giving growers the nutrients products that marijuana plants really need.

Most hydroponics nutrients brands were hurting plants as much as helping them, he recalls.

“Food is crucial to plants and people,” he explains. “In plants, you see nutrients problems in the leaves, growth rate, and yield. In people you see obesity, low energy, depression, weakness, skin problems, diabetes, and other disease indicators.”

What you feed yourself and your plants the highest quality nutrition, you get better results in your grow room and your life.

Straumietis recommends cutting back on junk food, fast food, added sugars, flesh foods, and alcohol.

“Organic fruits, nuts, grains, and veggies are healthier than what most people eat,” he says. “The cleaner you eat, the stronger you’ll be, the better you look, and the more energetic you’ll feel.”

Supplements for Specific Challenges & Goals

Straumietis says he created his hydroponics nutrients to cater to the many specific needs that cannabis plants have as those needs change throughout the plant’s life cycle.

“Your plants need more nitrogen in grow phase and less of it in bloom phase, ” he says. “At the start of bloom phase, they need the special ingredients we have in Bud Ignitor so they put on more buds faster. They need carbohydrates, Vitamin B complex, and potassium silicate at various times. It’s a targeted feeding approach.”

Straumietis says you too can benefit from taking supplements for specific needs.

“For example when you exercise, you might take OKG or drink an electrolyte-rich beverage such as coconut water,” he says. “If you’re experiencing stress, you take Vitamin B complex. If you’re getting older and losing testosterone, you take a natural testosterone booster like Tongkat Ali.”

Giving your plants roots beneficial microbes like Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, and Piranha is similar to giving your digestive tract beneficial microbes by taking probiotics, Straumietis says.

Clean Air, Good Light, Climate Control

Straumietis notes that the most successful growers are running sealed indoor grow rooms because marijuana plants love clean air, clean water, air exchange and air movement, the right type and amount of light, protection from pests and diseases, climate control, and security.

“These are all factors that humans need although in somewhat different ways,” Straumietis says. “For example, if your lungs are clogged up from air pollution, cigarettes, or burning buds instead of vaping or dabbing. Or if your environment is too noisy, unsafe, hot, or cold for you. This hurts you like a bad grow room environment hurts your plants.”

Straumietis reminds growers that people need reliable periods of rest, feeding, and beverage intake, just like plants do.

“You give your plants the same 18 hours of light per day in grow and the same 12 hours of light per day in bloom,” he says. “And your body needs to be asleep at night so your strength can build up and your cells can do repairs and other metabolism. There are rhythms in nature that work for plants and people.”

Internal Cleansing for You & Your Marijuana Plants

Straumietis notes that marijuana plants and/or their root zones may accumulate toxic materials and store them.

This can cause disease, nutrients lockout, nutrients burn, damaged or dead roots, and dead plants.

“You use Flawless Finish to flush your marijuana plants and their roots,” Straumietis says, “and internal cleansing is good for people too– but don’t use Flawless Finish to cleanse your body!”

Straumietis says there are various herbs and supplements that help the liver, kidneys, and other body organs move toxins out of the body.

“These include dandelion, goldenseal, milk thistle, burdock, bentonite clay, garlic, cilantro, and Vitamin B complex,” he notes.

Using an infrared sauna, exercising, periodic fasting, drinking lots of reverse osmosis water with lemon in it, and taking hot baths with Epsom salts can also internally cleanse you.

“When you combine internal cleansing with changing your diet so you eat mostly organic foods rather than animal-derived food products, you create detoxification and weight loss,” Straumietis says. “You get more energy, mental focus, and enjoy getting high more.”

Straumietis says he’s glad marijuana growers use Advanced Nutrients to give their plants the best nutrition.

“Pampering your cannabis plants pays off,” he said. “The better you treat them, the more buds for you. When you take care of yourself better, you get more rewards from life. And remember— you’re worth way more per ounce than your buds are!”

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