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Superstars of Medical Hydroponics Marijuana Grow Gear

Top Ten lists are fun, and I give props to David Letterman for popularizing the concept. When I started keeping a list of the most innovative hydroponics products for medical hydroponics marijuana growers, I got way more than ten, so I’m sharing with you some of the top medical hydroponics marijuana nutrients and hydroponics equipment that have come onto the market since the year 2000.

There are so many exciting new hydroponics companies and products, this is just one of many articles I’ll write for you about marijuana cultivation equipment superstars…

Nice Bugs That Control Bugs That Bug Medical Hydroponics Marijuana

Got bugs? Instead of using poisons or other tactics to stop them, use beneficial insects to control harmful insects like aphids, thrips, and mites.

Sure, if you have a sealed grow room, otherwise known as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), you won’t have bad insects.

But if you don’t have a sealed grow room and you’ve got bad insects, using beneficial insects is a way more environmentally friendly intervention than chemical control options, and it’s one of your only options if you’re doing organic medical marijuana gardening.

In a future article, I’ll tell you more about the beneficial insects that help medical hydroponics marijuana growers. If you want to get the details right away, contact Orcon (Organic Pest Control),  a very grower-friendly company that provides beneficial insects and other ways to protect and invigorate your hydroponics marijuana plants.

Enjoy this video about using beneficial insects to control the evil spider mite—enemy of all medical hydroponics marijuana growers…

Fresh Air, Odor Eaters & Climate Control 4 Phat, Clean, Healthy Marijuana Plants & Buds

I long ago got tired of using my home’s built-in central heating and air conditioning system in a vain attempt to keep my medical marijuana grow rooms in the sweet spot for temperature, humidity and air circulation. I realized that the whole-house system just wasn’t going to work for the specialized climate control I need for my marijuana plants.

But when I looked at the logistics of buying and installing air conditioners, dehumidifiers, odor control, vent fans and other equipment, I realized I would need a degree in electrical engineering, heating and air, and construction to do it right.

And of course I didn’t want to have to call somebody in to do the work for me. Too much worry and expense.

Fortunately, the Kind folks at Excel Air created their business model around helping hydroponics medical marijuana growers find out fast how to get climate/odor control equipment. They’ve made their website and sales outreach very convenient so you can easily understand your climate options.

It’s even kinder that they’ve made their equipment so you don’t need specialized skills or expensive contractors to install or run it. For that, they get my BigBuddy award!

Check out BigMike from Advanced Nutrients explaining hydroponics grow room climate management…

Can You Do Drip Irrigation, Flood & Drain, Aeroponics, & NFT…All In the Same Unit?!?!

Envisioning a medical hydroponics marijuana growing system that encompasses a hybrid of most of the popular individual hydroponics methods is something I can only do when I am very high on a pure Sativa.

But that doesn’t mean I’m saying the engineers and product design folks at North American Hydroponics were stoned out of their minds when they created their unique, patented hybrid grow machines that combine multiple hydroponics modalities.

The company’s units look like aeroponics with a twist—lots of tubes, automatic irrigation and circulation, expandable, easy to run. But they aren’t true aeroponics systems…

Instead, their units combine various features of diverse hydroponics systems into a hybrid that streamlines your medical hydroponics marijuana cultivation workload and increase crop yields.

If this gear works the way the company says it does, and especially if you’re doing sea of green, this modular plug and play system is a medical hydroponics marijuana growing innovation worthy of a Big Buds trophy.

Hey peoples, if you know about hydroponics products that are a cut above, way different than the rest, only showed up in the hydroponics medical marijuana cultivation marketplace in the last few years, that work very well to produce bigger buds and more THC, please share them with us in our comments section.

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