Subcool MarijuanaSubcool Seeds branch-bending mega-poundage outdoor marijuana strains!

Subcool Seeds TGA Outdoor Marijuana Strains

Outdoor marijuana growers in California are reporting wickedly huge harvests from Subcool Seeds.

Here’s a guide to Subcool Seeds strains especially suited for outdoor marijuana growing:

Cherrygasm: Just the name itself makes you want to grow this beautiful bud made by crossing Cherry Pie OG with Space Dude.

This strain is super-potent, very hardy, packed with resin.

Dry sift, bubblehash, and concentrate makers will love the high percentage of resin glands Cherrygasm produces.

It also gives you a Sativa-dominant head high combined with enough Indica to knock down aches, pains, and worries.

This is a high-yielding strain that grows fast and should be topped, trained, and supported so it turns into a monster marijuana plant with densely-packed, massive buds around a thick center stalk.

You need 8-10 weeks in bloom phase.

We adore Cherrygasm’s deep purple, scarlet, and cherry red leaf and bud colors, and its cherry, lemon, diesel scents.


Cuvee: In a recent test grow outdoors, six hugealicious Cuvee plants produced 19 pounds of dry weight premium marijuana!

This Subcool Seeds strain is an Indica-dominant cross of Pinot Noir and Space Queen.

The Pinot Noir used was a clone-only F4 cross between the only Original Blackberry Kush and a 1978 Pakistani strain.

By combining Pinot with Space Queen, Subcool Seeds created a resin-heavy, hashmaking-friendly plant that has a range of flavors from cherry to chocolate.

When you grow outdoors, and with proper topping and feeding (use Big Bud and Bud Candy in bloom phase), Cuvee stays low and squat.

Due to heavy floral production, add plant supports to keep branches from breaking.

In some phenotypes that have a higher percentage of Kush genetics, your Cuvee will start blooming early outdoors, which makes for an earlier harvest to avoid molds and rippers.

Look for 55-65 days in bloom phase, but some growers report that their Cuvee was ready at 45-50 days!

Subcool says Cuvee marijuana growers should look for a cherry chocolate female amongst the phenotypes, and breed it or clone it, as that’s the choicest cut from this new and very popular Subcool Seeds cannabis strain.

Read here for a strain report on Cuvee.

9 Pound Hammer is a three-way cross between GooBerry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper is a foundational marijuana strain often used by Subcool TGA as a cross.

On its own, Jack the Ripper is a delicious-tasting, stimulating strain.

Combined with GooBerry and a rare cut of Hells OG Kush, 9 Lb Hammer gives you very heavy yields, rock hard Kush-like buds, stacks of resin glands… and the smoke tastes like grape and lime.

Good news for outdoor growers is this marijuana strain is exceptionally resistant to powdery mildew.

Be sure to top and shape the plants to create a round profile and avoid low-plant sucker branches.

This Indica-dominant strain’s short bloom phase (50-60 days) is great for outdoor marijuana gardening.

Brian Berry Cough is a favorite Subcool TGA outdoor plant because it grows huge, produces massive amounts of resin, and is a 50-50 Sativa and Indica hybrid.

This is a very stable and hardy plant that combines the best of both Indica and Sativa so you get a relatively short eight-week bloom phase, massive yields, and a powerful yet functional high.

Look for two distinct phenotypes that both give you huge yields.

The difference between the two is the terpenoids and other scent compounds, as one pheno is sweet-smelling but the other is kind of sour.

If you like to make bubblehash, dry sift, or other extracts, this TGA strain will please you.

It was made by crossing an original Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough with a Cherry Space Queen.

Jesus OG Kush is a “sour Kush” Subcool TGA strain.

It’s a three-way cross between Jack’s Cleaner, Space Queen, and a rare cut of Hells OG Kush.

Not often seen in Kush varieties, Jesus OG Kush is a Sativa-dominant (80-20) marijuana strain with a 56-63 day bloom phase.

As with most Sativa varieties, it goes tall, so be sure to top it at least twice before mid-summer.

This smoke is something everyone raves about.

One thing we appreciate is that Subcool has engineered this Kush to yield more than regular Kush varieties.

Chernobyl marijuana is one of my favorite Subcool strains.

It comes from a cross of a rare Trainwreck cutting combined with Trinity and Jack the Ripper.

Some phenotypes taste like Jack the Ripper but with more orange or lime taste overtones.

Chernobyl is mostly Sativa (60-40), and it takes 8-10 weeks in bloom phase.

Chernobyl has long, relatively thin, resinous buds as typical of Sativa marijuana.

The high is uplifting and functional, making this good bud to use during the day when you want to get things done.

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch the Subcool reality television series Weed Nerd, you’ve seen the massive marijuana trees that Subcool and his associates grow outdoors.

Our monitoring of the North American marijuana seed breeder industry indicates that TGA strains are always reliable, fresh, and true-growing.

We never recommend a commercial marijuana seed breeder unless we’ve personally grown out several strains from that breeder to make sure the strains have high germination rates and grow out to be exactly what the breeder promised they’d be.

Members of our marijuana grow team have grown 15 Subcool Seeds strains.

We discovered that Subcool Seeds gives you tasty, potent marijuana strains, accurate phenotype descriptions, and nearly 100% germination rates.


Here’s an example of why we give consistent praise to Subcool Seeds…

One of our grow team members had seeds from Rare Dankness, Cali Connection, and Subcool Seeds

They were all ordered recently online from the same place, and germinated the same way.

Subcool Seeds germinated in 2-3 days, at least two days faster than any of the others, and  had 100% germination.

In contrast, Rare Dankness germination percentage was 85%, and Cali Connection was 60%, and both took longer to germinate.

Take advantage of the sun-driven hunger of outdoor marijuana strains by adding Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Nirvana, Bud Factor X, and Overdrive at appropriate times during bloom phase.

This supplemental feed program gives you earlier budding, more budding sites, heavier buds, and more resin glands!

Thanks to Diego Garcia and Ocanabis for the luscious TGA bud photos in this article.

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