Storing marijuana the modern way!


Modern marijuana storage device.

Manufactured by FreshStor®, the CVault® is a stainless steel, completely air-and-light tight container.

This is a premium container for your marijuana.

Finally, marijuana storage that controls humidity.

Marijuana growers know that after the long process of growing, harvesting and curing their cannabis, proper storage makes the difference in whether that material stays fresh longer, or goes stale.

One of the most popular products we’re seeing for storing cannabis and controlling humidity is called the CVault®.

Manufactured by FreshStor®, the CVault is a stainless steel, completely air-and-light tight container, made for the storage and curing of plant material, whether it be tobacco, fresh herbs, or (most likely in our case) cannabis.

There are other stainless steel containers that people use to store their marijuana, but the CVault is special because it comes with a  “Boveda” packet that controls humidity.

The packet has a 60-90 day effectiveness, and it’s amazing to hear that it offers two-way humidity control: releasing or removing humidity from the environment to keep it in a range of 58-62% relative humidity, determined to be the optimum humidity for both curing and storage.

During tests, cannabis stored in the CVault maintained its taste, smell, and texture, even after several months.

This storage product is a significant improvement over storage containers some growers use. For example, you never want to use plastic containers of any kind, because whether the plastic has BPA in it or not, it’s transferring toxins into your plants.

You can use mason jars or stainless steel, which are much better, but the difference between that and the FreshStor is the Boveda packs.

The alternative to using Boveda packs is to put a small relative humidity meter inside your storage containers. After you’ve cured to 58-62% relative humidity, you seal your marijuana and then monitor the meter.

If the marijuana increases in humidity, you open the container for a brief period to air out the buds. Then seal it up again and monitor the humidity.

We’re glad to see innovative products made for marijuana storage. Unless you have the money to invest in a temperature and humidity controlled humidor room like wealthy cigar lovers do, the FreshStor is the next best thing.


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