Marijuana Bubble HashUsing icewater to make super-strong hashish without solvents!
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Sticky Marijuana for Making Bubble Hash

When a few grower friends and I got together recently for a bubblehash-making party, we made a list of the best marijuana strains to grow for making hashish.

We were working with several sets of extract bags from, and noticing as always the wide variability in the amount of resin glands in each of the different bags.

As you’ll recall from our previous article about making pure bubblehash, each extract bag has a screen with a particular pore size. The different pore sizes means that each bag catches, or lets through, different size resin glands.

The bags with the largest pore sizes, including the so-called “working bag” in which you do your initial mixing and settling of ice and marijuana, let through almost everything- including debris.

But by the time you’re working with bags smaller than 140 microns, you’re starting to get almost-pure batches of resin glands.

It’s a THC celebration! 🙂

But when you want to mega-amplify your celebration of the amount of resin glands you get from each crop, you grow strains known for producing massive amounts of resin glands infused with THC.

Here are some gooey, dripping with THC, marijuana strains that’ll load your bubble bags with resin glands…

• White Widow: This famous marijuana strain lives up to her name, but only if you get authentic White Widow genetics.

You marvel over resin glands coating every available surface other than stems and hairs. Some people think this strain is too “old school,” but if resin glands for bubblehash are what you’re after, this is bubblehash heaven.

You’ll hear lots of arguments about how to get authentic White Widow genetics, but Green House Seed Company offers feminized seeds of this crystally marijuana for $30 a batch.

Word is that White Widow is a medium feeder and light drinker during bloom phase, so only give her 1000 ppm max during peak bloom, and be sure to flush before harvest.

You’ll wait eight to eleven weeks for a fully-matured crop. Monitor your resin glands to know when she’s ready.

If you’re seeing your buds stretch after the seventh week, drop your lights to 10 on and 14 off. Enjoy the blizzard of THC you get from White Widow!

• Hashberry, from Mandala Seeds: I know, I know…this one is almost too easy. The word hash in the name gives it away.

This cannabis gives you tight, dense, large buds with stunning amounts of resin glands.

If you’re trimming for looks, your side leaves and even fan leaves will provide you plenty of material for making hashish. Hashberry is an Indica-dominant marijuana that should be ready in nine weeks.

Hydroponics growers with limited space favor it for SOG and/or super-cropping production, but you can also top-trim early in veg to create a very wide, squat and dense plant that provides huge yields of THC-laden buds.

As with any hydroponics situation when your marijuana has developed dense buds, lay off the water and keep your hydroponics grow room humidity low to prevent gray mold after the buds have gotten solid and heavy with crystal.

This sweet marijuana tolerates beginner growers, has a kind smell growing and cured, and retains its berry flavor even when you smoke the crystals as bubblehash.

• Sour Diesel: You know this hard-hitting strain of marijuana when you smell it. What do you smell? Spill some diesel fuel and you’ll be pretty close.

People complain about the smell because it can’t be filtered out while you’re growing, even if you’re using the best hydroponics odor filters.

And one reason to make bubblehash out of Sour Diesel is that if you store dried Sour Diesel bud even in the most locktight glass jar, you’ll still smell it. I personally like the smell.

Sour Diesel is almost all Sativa but it doesn’t feel like that when you smoke it. There is something in there that produces couchlock.

One Sativa characteristic is long bloom time—you have to wait ten to twelve weeks before it’s ready to flush and harvest. But given this variety’s generous frosting of bubblehash resin glands, it’s worth it.

Be prepared to trellis or otherwise hold down this plant’s size. This kind of marijuana will go tall on you unless you flower early and cut back your bloom light cycle to 11 hours on, 13 hours off.

The nugs will be like rock candy crystal, so when you make bubblehash with them, make sure to agitate the ice/marijuana mixture more than usual to knock all the resin glands off.

It is hard to find genuine genetics of Sour Diesel or any other strain in the Diesel marijuana family. Try Reservoir Seeds, or Soma Seeds.

If you trust a cannabis seed bank re-seller, ask them to tell you which if any breeders can offer you reliable Sour Diesel genetics, and tell us.

• Goo: The name tells you something, for sure. But good luck finding this sticky marijuana strain outside of California dispensaries or the insider circles of California and Colorado marijuana connoisseur breeders.

If you know where we can get some seeds from a legitimate re-seller, please share with us in the comments section. There are several varieties of Goo, some of which refer to color.

The “real” Goo is a short Indica-dominant marijuana plant that sometimes displays blue or purple foliage and finishes around 60 days or slightly earlier.

It does not give you massive yields, but you do get more resin glands per watt than with most other hydroponics strains.

• Hash Plant, from Sensi Seeds: Probably the first marijuana strain named for its tendency to produce lots of resin glands for hashish, Sensi Seeds has refined its Hash Plant over the years and is proud to speak of the strain’s Cannabis Afghanica heritage.

A very fast finisher (43-56 days) and a kind of marijuana that forgives mistakes made by novice growers, you’re assured of getting a high percentage of resin glands and a sledgehammer high. Feed Big Bud , Bud Factor X and Overdrive to spur a tidal wave of THC production for any of the resin-happy strains I’ve mentioned in this article.

The amount of resin glands you get from this legendary Hash Plant marijuana is so copious that these buds look like they’re dipped in THC varnish.

As more and more growers go for the efficiency of inhaling only resin glands instead of whole marijuana, the use of ice water extract bags to make bubblehash is becoming mega-popular.

If you love hashish, it makes sense to grow marijuana strains that provide above average percentages of resin glands.  Grow the strains we talked about just now, make your bubblehash, and enjoy the high!

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