420 YouTubeAs you celebrate April 20th, or any other 420 day, enjoy these YouTube marijuana videos!

Smokebox Snoop Dogg Cheech and Chong Trailer Park Boys Jimmy Kimmel Dabs 420 YouTube Marijuana Videos

On 4-20 or any 420 day, you’re gonna love these fun, exciting marijuana YouTube videos we’ve selected just for you.

This is a playlist you can hit and enjoy, for hours of free cannabis music, comedy, entertainment, celebs, and excitement.

We’ve included videos with B-Real, Snoop Dogg, Trailer Park Boys and other cannabis media stars…

It was nearly 30 years ago that Cypress Hill released its first weed hip-hop masterpiece that changed the music world.

B-Real is known now for his latest ventures: BRealTV and Smokebox.

The most popular 420 YouTube cannabis videos from B-Real are his Smokebox and Dr. Greenthumb series.

The Smokebox are 420 YouTube videos filmed inside a plush vehicle that quickly turns into a hazy 420 paradise as B-Real and his guests smoke huge blunts with the windows closed.

The B-Real 420 YouTube videos feature marijuana scientists, cannabis breeders, marijuana industry insiders, Tommy Chong, Hollywood and music industry stars such as Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa.

They get super-high— but still manage to carry on interesting, funny conversations.

To celebrate 4-20, the 420 YouTube marijuana videos embedded in this article will put you into a smoky, stony mood.

Check out Snoop Dogg interviewing Cheech and Chong, and the Trailer Park Boys.

Kick back with your favorite cannabinoid combinations, and enjoy 4-20 and every day with BigBudsMag.com!

PS– Be sure to check out our favorite diet marijuana YouTube video at the end…

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