skywalker medical marijuana strain

Skywalker Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Skywalker is a well known member of the “Jedi” strain family that is highly sought after here in Los Angeles. Coming to you from the west end of the San Fernando Valley, this locally grown batch was carefully examined under a microscope only to find the mecca of trichrome towers sprouting from everywhere visible.

These crisp and resinous buds were a pure and clear smoke, with a very heavy creeping undertone. This strain was a solid Indica, knocking me promptly out of commission for two hours and leaving me still heavily medicated for an additional three. Dutch Passion created this monster of a strain by having crossed Blueberry (1st prize HTCC 2000, 3rd prize HTCC 2001) and Mazar (2nd prize HTCC 1999, 2nd price High Life Cup 2002) to create this amazing plant. You can easily tell its heritage by the heavy pull effect of the Mazar when exhaling with the smooth taste of the Blueberry when you inhale. The stone was solid for those needing a break from anxiety and stress, and also provided solid appetite stimulation and insomnia relief. Created with the intention of growing one of the best Indicas in the world, I’d say they succeeded beyond expectations. Skywalker is lab tested at 12% THC.

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