Say Goodbye to pH and PPM Meters… And Get Bigger Buds & Easier Marijuana Growing

All hydroponics marijuana growers encounter the hassles and problems of metering and adjusting pH in their base nutrients water.
We spend a lot of money on pH and PPM meters so we’re sure our nutrients water has the right pH and nutrients concentration for our marijuana plants.

Your marijuana plants need the correct pH so their roots can absorb all nutritional elements as fast and efficiently as possible.

But until hydroponics company Advanced Nutrients made a breakthrough to give you hydroponics base nutrients called “pH Perfect” that automatically balance pH into the 5.7 pH sweet spot for maximum absorption of nutrients, cannabis growers spent significant time and money using pH and PPM.

I’ve experimented with Sensi pH Perfect and Connoisseur pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients, and discovered they do make your growing easier.

They also make your marijuana plants grow better and produce larger buds.

Because pH Perfect is a totally new type of hydroponics base nutrients, you have to adjust how you mix and use the nutrients so your cannabis plants get the max benefit.

And the changes make it easier for you to run your marijuana grow op!

Experienced marijuana growers spend years mastering how their plants respond to pH and EC (electric conductivity) levels in nutrients water.

These growers are accustomed to following pH and PPM meters, even though meters are sometimes unreliable.

Until pH Perfect technology came along, growers had to do spend the time and money to do this.

As long as the grower’s water source meets the Advanced Nutrients recommendations (reverse osmosis water or water with less than 100 PPM) he or she never has to worry about the pH of the nutrient solution.

The great thing about pH Perfect technology along with the fact it helps marijuana roots absorb nutrients fast and efficiently is that you don’t have to worry about pH or ppm.

Here’s why: pH Perfect technology actually conditions the grower’s medium to broaden the pH range at which nutrients are available to the plant.

This means a higher percentage of the hydroponics nutrients are used by your cannabis plants than when you use General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Rock, Cyco, Technaflora, Heavy 16 or other inferior brands of hydroponics base nutrients.

When pH Perfect helps your marijuana plants take in more nutrients faster, it keeps the root zone cleaner, which prevents plant burn from overfeeding.

One other awesome fact is that pH Perfect hydroponics nutrients are designed for marijuana and have specific application rates that are sometimes keyed to the week of your cannabis plants’ growth cycle.

The best way for marijuana growers to get optimal results with pH Perfect technology is to follow the dosing recommendations made by the manufacturer.

Eliminating EC and pH meters sounds almost too good to be true for growers who have spent years mastering their marijuana plants’ needs or for beginners who read marijuana grow books or magazine articles that hammer the pH metering model into their heads.

The good news is that the revolutionary, higher-yielding, and time-saving set of pH Perfect base nutrients products are easier to use than any other  hydroponics nutrients.

When you follow the manufacturer’s pH Perfect specified application instructions and rates, you eliminate the costly and time-consuming and reliance on EC/ppm and pH meters, and your marijuana plants give you faster growth and bigger yields.

When you want the easiest and best nutrients system for marijuana, go get pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients today, and you’re going to see better marijuana grow room results…and no more hassling with pH and PPM meters or pH Up/pH Down!


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