Marijuana garden saver book

Save Your Medical Hydroponics Marijuana Garden!

Have you ever looked at your medical hydroponics marijuana plants and felt a silent scream arising in your head, something like, “Oh my god why are my leaves yellow, brown, wrinkling, falling off, pale, too dark, burned at the tips…why me, why, whyyyy??!!”

Have you ever done everything right…premium seeds or clones, reverse osmosis water, careful attention to hydroponics grow room climate, and then watched your plants do absolutely nothing, just sit there like lazy lumps week after week, not growing, not dying, not thriving, not doing a damn thing except pissing you off?

I’ve had those moments, too many to remember. Moments when no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my marijuana plants to thrive. So what’s a marijuana grower to do?

If you’re networked with professional growers you might ask them to take a look, even just send them a photo of your problem plants, and they can usually see problems and suggest a fix in a few seconds.

That’s what it means to be a “master grower.” This is not to be confused with professional fishermen. They are “master baiters.”

You could also go on Internet cultivation forums such as the kind I wrote about recently, describe your problem, maybe post a picture or two, and get some advice.

But how about acquiring hydroponics medical marijuana growing wisdom from experts dedicated to your medical marijuana success. In that regard, I already suggested a must-have book that shows all the marijuana diseases and pests you can imagine, and some you never imagined.

But there’s also this other handbook, put out by marijuana grow guru Ed Rosenthal, a book even more practical and comprehensive than the other one I recommend. And it’s a lot less expensive. The title? Marijuana Garden Saver. And that’s exactly what it is, a wealth of information that helps you save your medical marijuana crops.

Start with the fact that Rosenthal and his book publishing company, Quick Trading, have upgraded their formats, visuals, printing standards, binding and usefulness so that books like Marijuana Garden Saver are easy to use, even if you’ve just smoked a bowl of OG Kush and you’re having trouble seeing.

The book has color-coded sections that walk you through logical categories of all major sources of marijuana growth problems: nutrients, pests, diseases, and grow room environment.

Marijuana Garden Saver has the best and biggest collection of photos that help you immediately identify crop problems. For example, let’s say your new marijuana leaves are light green or pale yellow starting from the back of the leaf to the front. Your growth is slow and your plants are just not kicking ass.

Many growers would misread it as nitrogen deficiency…if they noticed problems at all. But one look at Marijuana Garden Saver and the photo of “sulfur deficiency” jumps right out at you and grabs you by the hand, leads you to the store to buy Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), helps you mix it into a foliar spray that you use with Wet Betty surfactant onboard, gets you to put a teaspoon of Epsom salts into each gallon of nutrients water—until you see the yellowing disappear and the leaves get back to the uniform green color you love and need (it takes 2-3 days to correct if all you do is root feed but you can see the foliar feed take effect within an afternoon).

Marijuana Garden Saver is a handy marijuana troubleshooting handbook that fits in your hand and contains just about all you need to know to fix just about any garden problem you’ll encounter.

I’ve often written about Ed Rosenthal because he and Jorge Cervantes are the Dalai Lamas of marijuana grow gurus and they’ve seen it all, grown it all and written about it all.

I tell people to buy Ed’s books just because Ed stood up to the fed. He got fed up with the feds when they tried to imprison him for growing dank, and he beat them cold. Now save your marijuana garden, and contribute to Ed’s golden years at the same time. Marijuana Garden Saver is the way to go.

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