Holy Grain medical marijuana strain

Reduce Severe Pain and Nausea With Holy Grail Medical Marijuana

Indica : West Valley

Holy Grail is a hard knocking, heavy hitting, couch lock of a narcotic Indica. One of THE BEST pain and insomnia relief medications on the market, this West Valley / beach side favorite creates one of the most intoxicating smokes one can experience. Instant head heaviness and extreme appetite stimulation follows a slow down of functionality and eventual deep sleep. Not highly recommended for anxiety due to its severe state of intoxication, it is a favorite for pain relief and those suffering from severe nausea due to ailments such as AID’s treatments or Cancer chemotherapy and radiation.

Holy Grail is almost always preferred out of a vaporizer for a clear taste and a smoother intake of the medication. The strain also comes with one of the most distinctive piney tastes you’ll ever have the pleasure of encountering, while maintaining tight bud structure and one of the most resinous surfaces you can hope to grasp. While its true genetics are unknown, it seems to have an OG hint and more than likely a Kush cousin or two. Its best to get as much as possible when you find it, as it doesn’t come around very often and is in high demand when in-stock in the local clubs.

THC – 22.1% CBN – < 0.05% CBD – .13%

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