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Prepping Your Indoor Marijuana Season

If you took a break from indoor marijuana growing, here’s how to prep for your new season.

Approximately 65% of indoor hydroponics marijuana growers take summers off so they can avoid high electricity bills, summer pests and diseases…and to have summer fun in the sun.  Some indoor growers grow outdoor marijuana from May through October, but many marijuana growers take a total break.

Many of us are re-starting our indoor marijuana grow ops right about now. So here are some tips for prepping to get even bigger and better harvests than you did in your previous grows.

Time for New Cannabis Genetics? I almost always get new genetics—the best I can afford—to start my new grow season that lasts indoors from September through May/June.

I have the potential for 2-4 marijuana harvests during those months, and I want to import some new highs, tastes, scents, and breeding stock into my grow op.

I also carry over favorite cannabis strains from motherplants or seeds if I have had huge success in a previous season, but new marijuana genetics are one of life’s joys. I like to grow from seeds, and from specialty clones.

So before your new season starts, ask yourself what do you want from your marijuana plants and buds that your existing seeds, mothers, and cuttings haven’t given you?

When you invest in new genetics from quality seed producers or clone sellers, you increase the variety and value of your indoor grow op.

Time for a Grow Room Retrofit? In marijuana growing, the more money you spend on the right kinds of equipment, supplies, hydroponics nutrients, and genetics, the more pleasure you get back. Up to a point. If you already have a pro set-up and are pretty sure you’re at maximum yield already, maybe you don’t need a retrofit.

You can spend $800 getting a new digital ballast, bulb, and hood, or you can spend $60 getting fermentation C02 bags.

Sometimes you can spend a little money, and get a lot of extra buds in return.

Whether you do a major makeover or a limited-expense retrofit, you usually make your money back in one or two harvest cycles because you get more and better buds.

Here are big payoff ideas for your marijuana grow room retrofit: More reflectivity. Increased air circulation. Add C02 up to 1400 ppm. Get a better HID bulb or hydroponics digital ballast. Add a light or two. Use pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients that save time and money while pushing your genetics for bigger and better marijuana yields.

Even if you don’t want to do a retrofit…fully test your lights, ballasts, fans, air conditioning, light mover, pumps and other hydroponics gear before you start seeds or clones.

Do You Have Unresolved Security Risks?!? During the off-season and before you get into your new marijuana season, think about security. Were there any bust risks or near-hits last season? Was it a dumb-ass person in your life? A narky neighbor? A ripper came in to steal your bling? An angry ex? Too much dank odor coming from your grow room? Driving in your car and the po-po pulled you over?

Sometimes it helps to be paranoid. It’s too easy to blaze buds or dabs, get in a “positive mood,” and ignore warning signs.

Whether it’s a ripper or the gun and badge gang, if you feel something bad might happen to your hydroponics grow op, do what it takes to enhance your safety before you start your new set of seedlings or clones.

This article is most relevant for growers who took the summer off and are re-starting their marijuana gardening as autumn approaches, but the advice is useful for almost every grower.

Keeping a clean grow room, learning from past marijuana growing successes and failures, and re-dedicating yourself to your marijuana growing are going to pay off for you in your new indoor season.

Cool weather is on the way, and outdoor harvesting is starting. There’ll be a glut of outdoor cannabis on the market from now until November. If you prep now and plant now, your indoor marijuana will be ready to blaze by Christmas. Happy growing!

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