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Pot On the Patio 2: Insider Tips And Tricks For Successful Growing


In this week’s installment of Pot On The Patio, Brown Dirt Warrior waxes poetic on the therapeutic benefits of growing your own marijuana on the patio. Be in your own space, do your own thing and avoid the politics of guerilla gardening – you will thank yourself for it later!

Grab your beer and follow the BDW as he takes you for a tour of his Kentucky Kush and Charlie’s garden.

Just a few tips:

If your plants are drooping, separating from the pot or are too light when lifted, it means they need water. You will learn to tell the difference over time.

As a nice addition to your soil mix, throw some dolomite lime in your potting soil to sweeten it up.

Squeeze your plant’s pot to loosen the root mass when transplanting.

Plant your seedlings high to increase its “root real estate”. Top up any roots that have been exposed from watering and keep those roots covered!

Always use beneficial fungi and bacteria.

Join us next time for Pot On The Patio. Until then, happy trails!


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