pot on the patio

Pot On The Patio 1: Brown Dirt Warrior’s Guide To Breeding, Feeding, and Record Keeping (Plus Charlie’s Amazing Marijuana Garden)

In this episode, Big Bud’s very own Brown Dirt Warrior shows us how to take the perfect cutting and give your medical marijuana plants a good feeding.

To keep up with the Warrior, you will need popsicle sticks and a marker. Make sure you keep meticulous records if you plan on breeding. Write down the phenotype, physical characteristics, and other important features of your plant throughout its life cycle – or else you will be growing like a hillbilly.

In order to take a proper cutting, BDW recommends using a sterile surgical scalpel. Taking your cuttings low and on the woodier parts of the plant will ensure a better chance at survival. After they take a dip in rooting hormone, BDW sprays the healthy cuttings down with B vitamins and places them under a humidity dome and 25-watt florescent light.

When it’s time for feeding, the Warrior adds 5 grams of Epsom salts per 5 gallons of water to purge the nutrient uptake pathways. Then Jungle Juice Micro-Grow and Voodoo Juice to top it off. Happy growing!


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