The Dirt On Dirt: Is Soil Best For Your Next Cannabis Grow

As a cannabis gardener, it’s hard to think of anything more satisfying — that is, apart from growing big, beautiful, trichome-covered buds — than sticking your hands deep in warm soil. But with the conveniences of hydro systems and soilless media, a decreasing number of growers are choosing to go the old-fashioned route. If you’re […]

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Cannabis Stock Photographer: A Career Ripe For The Picking

“I just really love taking photos of marijuana,” says photographer Jenny Molloy. “It’s the perfect subject that’s forever changing and developing, particularly right now with marijuana legalization and acceptance of it in so much of America. Cannabis photography is becoming more stylish.” In the past, capturing images of cannabis often meant complicated arrangements with reticent […]

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New York cannabis

This Is What Legal Cannabis In New York State Could Look Like

Despite being at the helm of a relatively progressive state with a large population and an even larger marijuana black market, recently re-elected New York Governor Andrew Cuomo remained steadfast in opposing recreational cannabis — until he was challenged directly by a rival candidate in the 2018 primary. The marked flip in Cuomo’s progressivism crested […]

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How To Stop The IRS From Stealing Your Hard-Earned Cannabis Cash

Cannabis may still not be legal at the federal level, but that doesn’t mean the US government will hesitate to get some of that hard-earned marijuana money. The Internal Revenue Service is highly motivated to get its hands on industry dollars, and many cannabis business owners aren’t armed with the proper knowledge needed to protect […]

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black market cannabis

In The Black: Is It Worth Your While Switching From Black-Market Growing To Legal?

Black-market cannabis growing has been good to me and many other cultivators. Back in 1995, when I had just started growing weed in California’s famed Emerald Triangle, me and my grower buddies first heard medical marijuana activist Dennis Peron being interviewed on the radio about legalization. Growers had mixed feelings about legalization then, and we […]

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