Barcelona cannabis clubs

The Mary Jane In Spain: Barcelona Cannabis Clubs A Hot Ticket

Traveling can be one of life’s greatest pleasures — a way to take us out of our everyday lives to see and experience different worlds and cultures. Unfortunately for cannabis consumers, traveling often unfortunately means extended time without the company of our favorite therapeutic plant. Whether consumed for medicinal or recreational purposes, vacation is not […]

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Cannabis concierge Hi-Curious offers curious cannabis enthusiasts bespoke tour experiences.

Luxury Concierge Service And The Future Of Cannabis Travel

There’s something special about arriving at a new cannabis-friendly locale — even if there isn’t a friendly face waiting to greet you upon arrival. You can’t exactly order a Lyft loaded with cannabis products — not yet, at least — but you can now book a full-service cannabis tour or concierge service. Those who provide […]

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hemp raids

Raid Series, Part 1: Why Is Law Enforcement Raiding Hemp-Derived CBD Businesses Throughout The Midwest?

Hemp has gotten incredibly popular in the past decade. As more US states legalize recreational cannabis, more people are learning about therapeutic cannabinoids such as CBD. But many consumers still have misconceptions about what CBD is and its legality, particularly the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived products. In this two-part series, we investigate why hemp […]

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Oklahoma cannabis

For Patients Seeking Access To Medical Cannabis, Oklahoma Is OK

As some states experience difficulty in launching their medical cannabis programs, it seems Oklahoma has hit the ground running with its program. The numbers are impressive. The state tax commission reported over $4.3 million in medical marijuana sales for the month of January alone, more than four times the sales of the previous month. The […]

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