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Growing The Top Exotic Hydroponics Marijuana Strains

Blue Dream, Haze, OG Kush, Diesel, Purps. Very kind bud, but getting tired of seeing the same marijuana strains over and over? The good news is it pays to grow what nobody else is growing, or what they’ve never even heard of! When you can slide into your local smoky room or medical marijuana dispensary […]

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Hydroponics Marijuana System: More THC with DWC

What type of hydroponics system are you growing your marijuana in? The type of hydroponics system makes a big difference in the quality and quantity of your marijuana harvests. It also influences how much time and worry it takes you to grow your buds. Hydroponics systems are confusing, so we’re going to talk about them […]

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Get That Marijuana State of Mind

As an officially-approved medical marijuana user and grower with a doctor’s recommendation and a card that makes me “legal” in a few states, I often get the feeling there are two Americas. One of those Americas is a place where even the smallest amount of medicine can put me in jail. In those places, I […]

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Use Macro Photography To Monitor Your THC Covered Buds

Use Macro Photography To Monitor Your THC Covered Buds We All Love Beautiful Photos Of Buds, But Serious Growers Use Close Ups To Study Their Plants The best way I know to determine if a plant is ready is to study the trichomes, so I set up my trusty Nikon d-50. Throughout my life as […]

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Art of Hemp Expo

Art of Hemp Expo put on by New Key Events Location: NOS Convention Center, Inland Empire From the website: "The Art of Hemp is the perfect opportunity for you to expose your business and express yourself.  Come and sell your products to thousands of guests who are eager to attend this popular exhibit.  Our goal […]

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Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – XXX OG

(Indica – XXX x OG Kush) Downtown Los Angeles –  $50 8th If there were an emperor’s court of Indicas with knockout power, XXX OG would be its Caesar. This powerpunch of a couchlock Indica gets back to the roots of solid Indica cultivation. High THC content, solid tightly-packed nugs, and lots of food. One […]

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