Mendo Dope Album

Marijuana Growing Music Makers Busted

The following article was intended to be a fun way for you to hear the only music ever made by marijuana growers for marijuana growers. The musicians I’m writing about, two brothers whose musical act is called Mendo Dope, make kind songs about growing kind bud. And it isn’t an act…they’re actual California Emerald Triangle […]

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pot on the patio

Pot On The Patio 1: Brown Dirt Warrior’s Guide To Breeding, Feeding, and Record Keeping (Plus Charlie’s Amazing Marijuana Garden)

In this episode, Big Bud’s very own Brown Dirt Warrior shows us how to take the perfect cutting and give your medical marijuana plants a good feeding. To keep up with the Warrior, you will need popsicle sticks and a marker. Make sure you keep meticulous records if you plan on breeding. Write down the […]

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grow room ventilation

Prepping Your Indoor Marijuana Season

If you took a break from indoor marijuana growing, here’s how to prep for your new season. Approximately 65% of indoor hydroponics marijuana growers take summers off so they can avoid high electricity bills, summer pests and diseases…and to have summer fun in the sun.  Some indoor growers grow outdoor marijuana from May through October, […]

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