Avoid These Three Medical Hydroponics Marijuana Grower Mistakes

When you’re growing Kind bud, you want everything just right so your medical marijuana plants give you their best. And yet we’re all human, we all make mistakes. I’ve made plenty, and learned the hard way. Now I’m going to talk about three common mistakes marijuana growers make, and how to avoid them… Move Their […]

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Kush marijuana

Grow Rare Kush Marijuana Strains Now!

Kush marijuana is one of the most popular types to use, grow, and sell. Easy to grow indoors or outdoors, Kush marijuana produces hard, dense nugs covered in THC crystal. Kush marijuana hits you with a reliably power-packed stone that leaves little room for pain, worry or aggravation. As we’ve discussed before, marijuana experts, growers […]

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Marijuana Supersoil Recipe & Tips

I know a highly successful, wealthy marijuana grower I look to for soil advice because he makes batches of supersoil designed for marijuana. The grower’s code name is “GrowDaddy.” We met him in a previous article. He’s been growing marijuana since 1966! Manufacturing supersoil is his most time-consuming activity, he says. It takes a lot […]

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growing hydroponics marijuana

Growing Hydroponics Marijuana in Sizzling Summer Heat

Damn, it’s hot. Hot early, and hot too much, hotter than ever, making this year’s summer growing season even more a hassle for marijuana growers than usual. Lots of us just give up on indoor growing during summer months. We max our hydroponics indoor garden productivity during cooler months, and then shut down after harvest […]

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no gmo feminized marijuana

Feminized & Autoflowering Marijuana: A Monsanto GMO Plot to Eliminate Natural Marijuana Genetics?

When feminized seeds came on the market, many hydroponics medical marijuana growers applauded. Yay for saving time and money and not having to worry anymore that 50% or more of your germinated plants would grow to be “useless” males that never produce the kind bud and THC that female plants produce. For outdoor growers, all-female […]

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Marijuana Munchies: Why Does Getting High Increase Your Appetite?

For medical marijuana users, marijuana munchies can be the gift of life. For “recreational” marijuana users, marijuana munchies are an entertaining marijuana side-effect that creates profits for fast food restaurants and candy makers. So what’s really going on that makes most of us hungrier when we use marijuana? What causes the munchies? Scientists and medical […]

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