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Outdoor Marijuana Grower Shares Bigger Yields Tips

We get letters from BigBudsmag.com readers telling us about their marijuana growing situation.

If those growers provide useful cannabis cultivation advice, we share it with you.

Here’s a very interesting letter we received from an outdoor marijuana grower:

Dear BigBudsMag.com:

I have a Bachelors of Science in Botany with an emphasis on sterile tissue culture and microbiology.

I’ve been an organic gardener and farmer since I was 15.  

I’m a legal, licensed Oregon marijuana grower.

I appreciate a straightforward scientific approach to farming and indoor and outdoor marijuana growing.

I work hard to maintain maximally productive soils by nurturing the micro/macro flora and fauna that makes soil or other organic root zones ideal for growing outdoor marijuana. 

Biologically active soils help plants absorb essential macro/micro nutrients much more efficiently. 

They also protect roots from drought, pests, diseases, and other stressors.

A healthy root zone is the cornerstone of successful organic farming.

One day I was at the local hydroponics grow store perusing the products.

Nearby was a group of old school growers standing discussing indoor and outdoor marijuana growing products.

“How did we survive before all this magic pixie dust showed up on the market?” one grower asked, looking at the many hydroponics items. 

“Chicken turds,” replied one. 

“Bone meal,” replied another. 

Of course, the hydroponics store was stocked with all manner of hydroponics nutrients and so-called organic fertilizers in the form of powders, potions, liquids, and ferments, with funny catchy names, sexy graphics, and many with a high price tag.

I was armed with my knowledge of soil science agronomy and microbiology, as well as my years of growing cannabis, but couldn’t figure out which if any of those hydroponics products were necessary, effective, and worth the price tag.

I quietly told a store clerk I was starting an outdoor marijuana season in my back acre, and wanted to assist the soil and my plants using external nutrients rather than mixing in bone meal greensand, and other natural materials.

He steered me over to the aisle that had products from Advanced Nutrients.

I’d heard about them, pro and con. 

The clerk gave me a list of Advanced Nutrients products.

I went home and looked at their website and on grower forums.

I looked at my budget and bought the following: Sensi Grow and Bloom, Voodoo Juice, Piranha, B-52, Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Rhino Skin, Overdrive.

I used 30-gallon cloth irrigated by drip-line hooked up to pre-filtered inline siphon mixers with fertilizer tanks. 

This made my life easy because now instead of hours of mixing high phosphate bat guano and other natural materials, and then filtering this through a screen and having to hand spray it on the marijuana plants and their root areas, now I just push a button.

I am growing very large plants but they aren’t taller than 8-9 feet because I trim them two or three times before July.

My plants end up being 6-7 feet in diameter.

How do I know it’s all worth it to use Advanced Nutrients?

I’ve been growing the same strains the same way for eight years, mostly in the same place and with the same soil-peat mix.

I’ve also grown indoors using coco or rockwool, and the Advanced Nutrients have performed great for me there too.

When I put the Advanced Nutrients products into the rotation I got what the company promised—faster growing, earlier blooming, more budding sites, faster maturation, and heavier harvests that have more cannabinoids and terpenoids.

The plants are healthier and more resilient too.

For example, one year smoke from wildfires darkened the sky for three critical weeks in September.

A lot of outdoor gardens were totally screwed up by the smoke and the lack of light.

They had low-weight yields of airy, fluffy buds.

That’s one of the saddest things a marijuana grower can ever see.

But because I had set my marijuana plants up for an earlier start and gave them the protection, they survived and gave me good yields.

Thanks for sending this outdoor marijuana report, Mr. Oregon Outdoor Marijuana Grower.

We here at BigBudsMag.com hope this year there will be no fires, and that the rains will come in just the right amount and timing!

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