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Online Marijuana Forums, Discussion Group & Hydroponics Communities

How can you can get medical hydroponics marijuana grow advice, photos and updates without compromising your security? Big Buds is one obvious way to do it, because Big Buds gives you accurate and comprehensive information so you grow your biggest and most valuable crops.

But there’s a social aspect to being a medical marijuana grower and patient. So imagine being able to chat in privacy with professional marijuana growers and dedicated stoners from all over the world, getting real-time, interactive details on marijuana cultivation, hydroponics growing, and the entire marijuana scene.

The fastest and most efficient way to join the international marijuana community is to hang out at online marijuana forums where pros, intermediate and beginners share marijuana information, and more. Take a look at the following forum threads from forums that are safe to visit, well-run, and full of useful marijuana data…

Want to look at ways to deliver light onto your marijuana plants so you get the most grow power out of every watt of electricity you buy? Or trying to decide how your grow room odor control, ventilation and air movement are giving you marijuana maximum yield, read this.

These are just two of the hundreds of topics you find on marijuana cultivation forums. Whether it’s ventilation, lighting, or how to be an engineering genius making your own unique style of medical marijuana grow op,

Online marijuana forums are great for helping us get the inside story on hydroponics marijuana mysteries. Like when someone starts talking RO this, DWC that, SCROG here, N-P-K there, you might wonder what the hell they’re talking about. If so, head to Newbie Central at There you can get the details on what all those hydroponics terms actually mean, and a whole lot more. You can also check out another newbie section at

You can also get a massive overview of hydroponics marijuana growing, everything from setting up hydroponics lighting to harvesting, and all points in between.

There are at least a dozen marijuana forums on the net, but not all of them are as professional or useful as others. So how do you figure out the best forums, the best commenters, the most efficient way to participate in online marijuana communities?

First thing you do is just surf through various marijuana websites and forums. There are tens of thousands of comments, photo galleries, and hydroponics equipment reviews. Look for the website, threads and people who give you a good feeling and help you with your medical marijuana questions the most.

When you’re on a forum, look for postings by members who have hundreds if not thousands of posts. Especially look for postings that have photos attached. Most of these sites allow members to rate each other, so you can see what other people think of them.

As with any community, you’ll find a mix of friendly, smart people, newbies, and some unpleasant people. There are flamers, trolls, slaggers and other miscreants online just like in real life. There are people who work for hydroponics companies or have other covert agendas. They will attack brand rivals. Some forums even have moderators and sponsorship that censor discussions for commercial purposes.

For example, when a Big Buds reader posted a link to a Big Buds article on the “420 Magazine” website,  the posting was deleted and here’s what the reader was told:

“This message is to inform you that your thread has been deleted.The
website address you were trying to post link to has been banned from being posted on this website.That is why it wouldn’t show
up when you posted it. Please refrain from mentioning that site in the future.”

What I’m saying is that you have to be aware that- just like with any community- not everybody plays fair in online marijuana forums.

You need to have Rhino Skin skin when you get into the ebb and flow of hydroponics marijuana online commenting. Some folks get pretty aggro about their opinions, especially as regards hydroponics nutrients.

I got a chuckle seeing this thread on, in which people complain about rollitup. Can’t we all just smoke a big phat joint and get along? But the good news is that when you join these communities you have potential access to thousands of people who share your passion for medical hydroponics marijuana, growing, photography and toking.

What about cybersecurity when you visit online marijuana forums? Of course, all your usual Internet security strategies apply. You don’t put your real name into an online forum, and you are ultra-cautious when private messaging. Perhaps we can assume also that anti-marijuana people are lurking on these forums, trying to gather info that can hurt you.

What you’ll like is that when you use these hydroponics marijuana communities as networking tools, you have medical marijuana grow buddies all over the world. My article doesn’t claim to list all the marijuana forums, so please use our comments section to talk about online cultivation communities and particular threads that help us grow larger and more stony buds! Give us the links so we can see the threads and photos ourselves! And feel free to post Big Buds articles on the forums. If the website doesn’t allow you to do it, tell us about it in our comments section below. Happy networking!

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