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Old School Kush Marijuana Grower Makes Powerhouse Kush Strain

Before GoDaddy there was GrowDaddy.

That’s what a select group of medical marijuana growers call the 67-year-old master marijuana grower who’s taught two generations of younger growers how to love marijuana growing and do it right.

GrowDaddy has been growing marijuana for longer than most of us have been alive!

Since 1966 he’s been planting the kind seed, devoting his life to sourcing marijuana strains, testing hydroponics and regular fertilizers, experimenting with customized soil mixes, and breeding his own strains.

People literally line up for his legendary Kush 47, a wicked cross he made consisting of seed-grown original AK-47 from Serious Seeds in Amsterdam bred with true old school Kush from decades ago.

The genetic heritage of this cross includes the AK’s on-board strains…from Colombia, Thailand, Mexico.

And even though GrowDaddy has stable Kush 47 mothers and clones, he produces new seeds of the strain every so often and finds several phenotypes that embody the best of those classic genetics.

“Basically I have the ability to grow Colombian Gold, Oaxacan, Thai Stick weed, and Kush, all from this Kush 47 strain, because of what it has in its background genetics,” GrowDaddy explains.

His mothers make clones so strong he doesn’t even have to use rooting hormones!

The only downside to Kush 47 is that it spoiled his customers.

When GrowDaddy sells out of Kush 47, he still has in stock some of the other fine weed he grows, such as Sensi Seeds Mother’s Finest, Neville’s Haze, Jack Herer, Sage, Diesel, Black Domina, White Widow, Chocolope, Trainwreck and Kali Mist.

Perfectly grown, flushed and cured, his buds are stored in glass containers and retain their flavor, scent and cannabinoids for years. I’ve sampled seven of his strains; they’re at the peak of what their genetics are capable of.

People who like those strains pay top dollar to him — upwards of $400 per oz. But why are people so spoiled by Kush 47?

Part of the reason is that nobody else has this Kush marijuana: GrowDaddy bred it.

The Kush he used was grown from seed brought back from a friend’s hashish smuggling venture to Lebanon and Afghanistan in the 1970s. So part of this marijuana’s high value is the cache of having something nobody else has.

Another thing is of course the way Kush 47 affects you.

Most people report an immediate kaboom right between the eyes.

As with some strains that are referred to as “peppery,” this one clears your sinuses and then burns its way through your brain all the way to the back of your skull.

No creeper weed here.

No wonder AK 47 is called a “one-hit wonder.”

I’ve always thought it’s because you wonder what hit you!

Kush 47 gives you a euphoric up high without rushing a bunch of frenzied thoughts around in your head.

The Kush part of this marijuana’s genetics give you an accompanying body high that lasts overnight.

Even experienced smokers report that Kush 47 provides at least three hours of noticeable, intense psychological and physical effects.

GrowDaddy is a fountain of wisdom and real soon you’ll see an article detailing his “supersoil” recipe, how he uses hydroponics nutrients, and other interesting marijuana cultivation wisdom from a guy who’s been grower longer than I’ve been alive.

With no qualms about admitting he grows to make profit, GrowDaddy offers the following tips for getting top dollar for your marijuana:

  • Invest in the highest quality marijuana genetics you can find, regardless of the cost.
  • Breed your own strains so that nobody else has what you have.
  • Flush your crops. “If your buds light easily, burn well, are smooth and tasty, and leave a white, fluffy ash, your crops are clean. If it’s dark ash, hard to light, or harsh, your crops should have been flushed better.”
  • Manicure your buds carefully so customers get the most resin glands, and less leaf.
  • Offer discounts for larger quantity purchases.
  • Grow from seed every third or fourth crop cycle.
  • Never use toxic sprays or other products around your plants, and make sure your customers know you don’t use them.
  • Use Bud Candy to enhance flavor and aroma.
  • Never sell inferior product, even if the inferiority is just cosmetic. Only sell primo, great-looking bud that’s fresh, flushed, top of the line.
  • Never let someone talk you down in price.
  • You are a professional medical marijuana grower, it’s a hard job, and your bud is worth what you charge for it.

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