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Newbie Marijuana Grow Op Tips: Minimum Needs

As Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California, Michigan, and other states legalize marijuana cultivation, more and more people are wondering if they should become newbie marijuana growers.

It makes sense to grow your own marijuana instead of buying it.

It costs less to grow ounces of weed rather than buy them.

Only when you run your own marijuana grow op can you be sure of what you’re growing and how it’s being grown.

And a marijuana grow op is fun.

Cultivating marijuana is a sweet hobby, and can be a moneymaker too!

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of starting a marijuana grow op…

You Need Your Own Private, Climate-Controlled Grow Space.

Privacy and climate control are essential.

Not only do you need your own private space, you need enough space.

An indoor cannabis garden worth doing is going to be at least 6-7 square feet, and that’s a bare minimum.

It’s going to be in a closet, grow chamber, or grow tent.

The space must be clean.

It must have electrical outlets capable of handling at least 500-750 watts of continuous power draw.

The space needs air conditioning, dehumidification, and other climate control.

Your Marijuana Grow Op Needs Reverse Osmosis Water. Even if you’re a newbie marijuana grower planning a small marijuana grow op, do yourself a favor and get a reverse osmosis water unit.

When you have totally clean water with zero parts per million, you’re assured of safe water.

Not only that, zero ppm water is a neutral base for you to apply nutrients in.

Use reverse osmosis water with pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients and your marijuana plants will get maximum feeding.

You Need Plant Growing Equipment: This includes pots, soil or other grow media such as coco coir or rockwool, grow lights, odor control, fans, and other hydroponics supplies.

The cost to set up a small, 250-watt high intensity discharge (HID) lighting set-up in a closet or grow chamber and run it for a 4-5 month grow season will be at least $450-600.

This includes one-time equipment purchases and start-up costs.

You can produce about 4-6 ounces of premium bud in that space, so you see why it’s a good deal to grow your own marijuana.

Please note that newbie growers greatly benefit from reading the many articles in our indoor marijuana grow guide section.

Take a look at the video embedded in this article.

Knowledge is your greatest asset.

You Need Quality Marijuana Seeds or Clones: In legal marijuana states, you can easily get cannabis clones that start at about $10-25 each.

You can get high-quality marijuana seeds that cost $90 and up for ten seeds.

Check out this article on marijuana seeds.

When you’re a newbie marijuana grower it’s especially useful to get the best seeds and genetics.

Quality marijuana seeds germinate better and grow better.

This makes it easier to get high yields and bigger buds from healthier plants from your first newbie marijuana seasons.

You Need Grow Site Security: Newbie marijuana growers even in legal marijuana states have to change their lives and lifestyles to protect their marijuana garden.

When you run a marijuana grow op, you have to watch out for family, friends, and generic visitors.

Loose lips sink ships, and they sink marijuana grow ops too.

Of course you always worry about the police. They’re your sworn enemy.

The infrastructure we just mentioned is a bare minimum of what you need for a successful marijuana grow op.

As you gain experience growing marijuana, you get better and better at it.

You’ll expand your marijuana grow op, invest in more equipment, and reap heavier, more potent cannabis.

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