Subcool Seeds TGA GeneticsGo Time new marijuana strain from Subcool, packed with sticky resins.

Potent New Marijuana Strains from Subcool TGA Genetics

Subcool TGA Seeds has been working overtime to develop new marijuana strains you’ll love growing.

Let’s start with Go Time, a 65-35 Sativa dominant hybrid that gives you two distinct phenotypes to work with as motherplants.

Jesus OG Kush genetics are on-board this Subcool TGA Genetics strain, but that doesn’t fully explain why one of the phenotypes goes purple, with a scent like a Cheese cannabis strain.

The other phenotype resembles a almost-pure Sativa, with significant stretch during bloom phase. Some growers say this pheno reminds them of lemon diesel marijuana.

Professional growers in deep water culture and other pure hydroponics grow systems get humongous buds with tons of crystal using Nirvana and Overdrive in late peak bloom, because Go Time adds lots of weight and cannabinoids in the last days before flushing and harvest.

You need 8-9 weeks in bloom phase to get the full, fat development from this Subcool TGA Seeds new strain.

Known for its stimulating, up high, some users say Go Time puts them in the mood for sex.

Read our hot series of Kim Carlyle articles on marijuana as an aphrodisiac, and enjoy Go Time even more!

Shangrila is an evenly-balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid so you’re assured of a body high and a head high.

One phenotype goes towards the Indica genetics. The other towards the Sativa genetics.

The Indica-leaning pheno gives you a shorter, denser plants with purple or bluish foliage.

Fed properly with phosphorus and potassium boosters such as Nirvana and Big Bud, you get dense nuggets oozing with resins.

The other phenotype needs more trimming and shaping, as it tends to stretch more.

Flowers on this pheno are shaped like footballs, with beautiful violet hairs set on a background of light green floral development.

This new Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics strain is already a favorite with growers who make bubblehash, live resins, and other clean hashish…  because it has a sweet, unique, and almost overpowering scent menu and plenty of terpenoids and cannabinoids.

As with Go Time, you need 8-9 weeks in bloom phase for full development of these impressive marijuana flowers.

A rare OG from Nepali was crossed with Subcool TGA favorite Querkle to create Grape Inferno.

This Indica dominant hybrid has 30% Sativa engineered in to keep it from being too intensely couchlock.

You see buds that harden from within and coat themselves with resins, especially when you swell them with Bud Candy and intense light

On the other hand, growers working this marijuana strain outdoors say it still produces rock-like buds laden with resins.

Resin production is off the charts, so this marijuana strain is beloved by hashish producers.

Watch out for stretch, even though it’s Indica dominant, and give it 8-9 weeks in bloom phase for full floral development.

Before you get to bloom phase, do at least two toppings to keep the height down and make your Grape Inferno plants more round than tall.


You really do taste the grape in this new TGA Subcool strain, but you also get hints of vanilla, berry, and cherry, especially if you’re vaping buds or enjoying live resins.

The high is fast, intense, and overpowering, without making you comatose.

Absolutely beautiful buds with variable coloration, much appreciated by cannabis photographers.

Alchemy is a 50-50 split between Indica and Sativa that crosses Chemdawg with Querkle.

As with any hybrid that has this mix of genetics, you’ll get an intense body high and a swirling head high at the same time.

Subcool tells us that many people report this marijuana strain is good for using before you eat, because it increases your appetite and makes food taste better.

This is a 9-10 week bloom phase TGA Subcool strain that benefits from plant supports to hold up its heavy, THC coated buds.

The Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics Cuvée marijuana strain was an instant hit as soon as it was released.

It has classic genetics including Blackberry Kush, Chocolate Kush, and a rare, old school Pakistani strain.

The overall result is a mostly Indica strain with delightful taste and smell, and relatively large yield.

Subcool says this strain is fine for indoor marijuana growing, but also does well outdoors, where it becomes a monster marijuana plant with dozens side branches that each yield many ounces of fine bud.

This new TGA Genetics Subcool Seeds strain has the shortest bloom phase of any of the cannabis strains we’ve highlighted in this article: you only need 56-60 days in bloom phase.

Because it has a high ratio of resin glands, it’s a favorite of hashmakers.

Subcool says be aware that Cuvée produces a very intense body high.

As always, when you’re buying TGA Subcool strains, you’re getting natural (not feminized) cannabis seeds.

This is an added bonus because feminized seeds can be lower-yielding and not as vigorous as regular seeds, and because you can do your own marijuana breeding.

In our experience with Subcool TGA, you get 100% germination rate, or damn near close to it.

We’ve had Subcool seeds pop in 1-2 days!

You get true-growing strains that look, smell, taste, stone, and grow exactly like the photos and descriptions on the strain guide from the TGA Genetics Subcool Seeds website.

Because Subcool is a cannabis connoisseur who can’t be satisfied with regular marijuana, he works tirelessly to put unique high and unique flavors and scents from his strains.

Subcool TGA Genetics marijuana seeds reliably produce plants and buds that are beneficially different from any other marijuana strains you can buy or grow.

And one of the things we appreciate about Subcool TGA Genetics is that they release their marijuana seeds only after they’re sure the seeds will have at or very close to 100% germination rate, and when they’re sure the seeds will grow out to be exactly the phenotypes that Subcool details for you on his website.

Subcool is fighting COPD, a vicious respiratory illness, and along with his lovely wife MzJill is the main leader of the seed empire he’s built, so he works 24/7/365.

When we talk to him, all he ever talks about is his enthusiastic quest to create new marijuana strains that take cannabis to the utmost levels of potency, taste and scent appeal, ease of growing, and yield.

Passion for cannabis, and his dedication to you the marijuana grower, is what motivates this guy.

So although these are the newest strains from Subcool TGA, you can be assured that they’re well-tested and ready to give you the highs and growing experience you’re counting on.

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