National Women's Friendship Day

Give Your Gal Pal A Ganja-Inspired Gift For National Women’s Friendship Day

Sunday, September 16 marks National Women’s Friendship Day. While we may not be a fan of all these random Hallmark “holidays,” having an extra reason to celebrate our besties never gets old. Female friendships are special and sacred; there’s a bond of sisterhood that occurs between women that isn’t easily replicated elsewhere. So, let’s honor our favorite lady friends — the ones that have been with us through thick and thin — with some cannabis-centric gifts that show just how much we care.

Broccoli x Goldleaf Ikebana Floral Prints

These gorgeous, floral-themed prints are a special collaboration between Goldleaf and Broccoli Magazine, and are the perfect design choice for your favorite gal pal. Goldleaf is known for its cannabis-inspired printed goods — check out its science-friendly cannabis grower or patient journals! — and for this special series, Goldleaf paired up with Broccoli, a women-run cannabis magazine. The photos were originally taken for Broccoli’s premiere issue, and show a softer side to cannabis.

Each of the three different photos available includes flowers and plants — including cannabis leaves — carefully positioned in the style of Ikebana, a traditional Japanese method of botanical arrangements dating back to 600 AD. Ikebana translates to “giving life to flowers,” and these prints will certainly give life to the recipient’s home and decor. Choose from red, white or green — whichever suits your soul sister the best.

Where to purchase: Ikebana Prints, from $20.99

Ikebana prints from Goldleaf and Broccoli Magazine. (Image courtesy of @gldleaf)

MJ Arsenal’s The Wand

A great, inexpensive way to let your pal know you care. Sure, you could let your friend clean out their bowls with a paperclip, but why would you do that, when you could gift them a five-pack of Wands instead? These cannabis leaf-shaped tools can help clean out your bowl, and so much more. Made of nickel-plated iron, so it’s soft enough to bend, thus helping you get into all the nooks and crannies you need to, while also being sturdy enough to hold its shape. And, at only $4 for a pack of five, you can give one out to everyone in your bestie crew, so you’re all prepared next time you need to un-gunk your favorite bowl from some residue before settling in for a rom-com marathon.

Where to purchase: The Wand, 5-pack for $3.99

Say buh-bye to paperclips with these handy pipe cleaners from MJ Arsenal.

Oregrown Wolf-Design T-Shirt

What better way to honor your own lady pack than with these screen-printed wolf-design T-shirts from Oregrown? You can get one for your BFF, or your full faction of female friends — you know, the ones who have stuck by you since your college days, no matter how many goofy ideas you had while ripping bongs in your dorm room together. These shirts not only show your pack pride, but your connection to cannabis and animal welfare as well. Oregrown’s Nya Fund was created in partnership with the Humane Society of Central Oregon to help senior pets in need, and if you donate at least $5 to the Nya Fund, you receive 5 percent off your order! Cheers to Oregrown for helping you celebrate your friends while also helping animals in need.

Where to purchase: Oregrown T-shirt, $30

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural CBD PMS Cream

Your girls are always there for you, especially during that time of the month. They listen to you vent when menstrual hormones have your head spinning in 80 different directions. They cheer you up when you’re feeling gross and bloated. And best of all, they’re always there with chocolate and ice cream. Show your appreciation for all they do with a tube of Dr. Kerklaan’s CBD-infused cream that alleviates physical PMS symptoms. No more aching back! So long to painful cramps! With 129mg of high-quality, US-grown CBD in each tube, this cream will help rid your period pals of bloating, cramps and soreness, and it smells good enough to eat with a vanilla infusion.

Where to purchase: Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD PMS Cream, $65

National Women's Friendship Day

Dr. Kerklaan’s CBD-infused cream alleviates PMS symptoms.

Blunted Objects Blunt Babe Nameplate Necklace

Do you and your gal pals eschew bongs and bowls for blunts? If so, then you all need to get matching necklaces courtesy of Blunted Objects! Carrie from Sex and the City may have started the nameplate trend, but I doubt that even she would have the guts to rock one of these rad statement necklaces. This decolletage dangler is for your friends who simply don’t give a fuck, are open and honest about their cannabis consumption, and are fine with the world knowing. The necklaces come in a gold or silver finish, so you can customize based on preference. And, for your most out-there friend, why not snag her a “High As Fuck” nameplate — you know who she is and you know she’ll love it.

Where to purchase: Blunted Objects Blunt Babe Nameplate Necklace, $35

Wear your heart on your neck with these cool-AF necklaces.

Kana Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask

Treating your bestie to a luxurious night’s sleep truly is a gift from the gods. Kana Skincare’s hemp-based night cream will help lull you to dreamland with the soothing scent of lavender, while all the various active botanicals work to heal, hydrate and brighten your skin — all while you sleep! According to Kava, the special ingredients in the night mask (including phytocannabinoids, sativa seed extract, hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan) will start working after only a couple of nights’ use, leaving you with skin that feels softer, smoother and more replenished than ever before. So go on, treat your friends (or yourself!) to a night of soothing sleep followed by a day of glowing skin!

Where to purchase: Kana Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask, $55

Kana’s hemp-based night cream will help lull you to dreamland.

Jane Parade T-Shirts

Every lady squad needs a coat of arms. Rizzo and her Pink Ladies from Grease had their badass matching satin jackets. Nancy and her fellow teenage witches of The Craft had their black miniskirts and layered necklaces. Now, you and your besties can bring that idea into the 21st century with cannabis-friendly tee’s from Brooklyn-based Jane Parade. There are a variety of designs to choose from and it’s difficult to pick just one. Some of our favorites include Inhale the Rainbow, Cannabis and Coffee and — of course — the High Babes Cannabis Club. So, get your own crew of cannabis cuties together, grab a few pre-rolls, and pick a shirt to celebrate your friendship!

Where to purchase: Jane Parade T-Shirts, $30

weed & naps

Look the part with these cannabis-friendly T-shirts.

AnnaBís Aroma-Bloc Handbags

While you and your friends may enjoy all the fabulous benefits of cannabis, you may not love some of the smells that accompany it — especially when it comes to something like a half-smoked joint. But now you can go about your business scent free, and still maintain your fabulous sense of fashion. AnnaBís has a range of clutches, purses and cross-body bags that will leave you smoke and scent free. The special “aroma-bloc” technology uses thin layers of resin film to coat the inside of the bags, as well as airtight zippers that keep all smells trapped inside. However, the bag doesn’t absorb anything, so when it’s empty, it won’t smell like day-old bong water, either.

We especially dig the Maya collection, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s a clutch that can be worn around your wrist or tossed in a larger bag, making it super versatile. Pop it in your tote for a day at the beach with the girls, or in your hand for a night on the town!

Where to purchase: AnnaBís Aroma-Bloc Handbags, $70–$295

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