More Medical Marijuana Apps For iPhone and Android

Marijuana growers, sellers, and users are relying more and more on customized mobile applications which are compatible with Android or iOS and facilitate marijuana growers.  You use these apps on your smartphone to get updates, information, and fun marijuana growing data.



Cannapedia is an intuitive and highly interactive marijuana strain guide developed specifically for the medical marijuana community. This is one of the popular medical cannabis strain guides available on the market and helps patients browse through a database of medical cannabis strains. This app is constantly upgrade.d Some of the new features recently added are:

  • Send or receive messages with all the registered users. The data is 100% confidential.
  • Receive push notifications for new messages and replies.
  • Browse offline

(iTunes & Google Play / Free)

Grow Buddy


A must have apps for all hydroponics marijuana growers, Grow Buddy helps medical marijuana growers track all aspects of marijuana growing in your garden.

This app is continually updated and has innovative and useful features like charts for pH, temperature, EC/TDS/PPM, height, humidity, and light distance monitoring. It allows you to take pictures, notes, create feeding schedules, and essentially everything that is required to have a successful marijuana indoor garden. (Android App / Free – $3.57)

Weed Cookbook


Get the munchies and check out 45 delicious marijuana recipes approved by cannabis cooks and marijuana experts. This app can be your resource for cooking with cannabis, ranging from an occasional brownie or a cookie to incorporating cannabis in your day to day diet.

Some of the popular recipes included in this app are Weed Tea, Canna Coffee Milkshake, Mac & Cheese, Stuffed Pepper Supreme, Green Eggs & Ham, Weed Omelets, and Cajun Seafood Pasta. This app gets periodically updated with new recipes and you can easily enjoy these scrumptious edible marijuana recipes by downloading this app today. (iTunes & Google Play / $.99)

Weed Strains 3D+

weed strains 3d

If you are looking for a particular weed strain for pain relief or depression, this comprehensive marijuana resource with over 113,000 reviews on more than 10,000 marijuana strains can provide information and help you to choose the appropriate weed strain.

If you are new to the cannabis world, this app can help you to understand the basics of marijuana growing and the differences between different strains like Indica, Sativa, Hybrids and Ruderalis.

You can chat with the other users or send them personal messages. You can even get 360° views of some of the popular flower strains. Or search for new marijuana strains from a huge database of weed strains and add them to your personal library. (iTunes & Google Play / $3.99)


Cannabis News Pro

Cannabis News

This app brings you the latest news from the marijuana world, and allows you to share these news stories to your friends. With this interactive app, you don’t need to scour the internet to get updates on cannabis.

A classy app that educates you on cannabis and keeps you updated on various topics related to Marijuana Policy, NORML, Cannabis Culture, 420 magazine etc. You can post these news stories on Facebook as well. (iTunes / $2.99)

Strains Pro

Strains Pro

“The Most Popular iPhone App in San Francisco” helps you gather information on marijuana or search for cannabis strains from a database of more than 300+ strains. You can even tag, color code and categorize different strains, even by seed breeder. Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, with hi-res images, and the latest version integrates Twitter and Facebook. (iTunes / $2.99)

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