Medical Marijuana Christmas

MerryJuana Medical Marijuana Christmas Presents You’ve Got to Get

It’s Christmas time, and pretty soon New Years too! You and your hydroponics marijuana plants deserve some gifts from Sativa Claus. So here are some great present sure to give you and your marijuana plants a very Merry-Juana Christmas…

From Jamaica to You…a Ganjariffic Gift for Any Hydroponics Marijuana Grower

Never old school, always relevant for anyone who loves the healing herb, Bob Marley is gone but not forgotten. We all have our personal musical favorites, but ganja lovers love Bob, and this Christmas you could find one of his top albums under your hydroponics marijuana trees. My personal album favorite is Uprising.

For Tastier Medical Marijuana Yields, Without Worrying Over Grow Room Smell, Use Filters


If you’re growing Skunk, Diesel or any other dank-smelling medical cannabis, odor is a serious hydroponics security problem.

But the other thing you need to know is that your air might be polluted with man-made toxins or pathogenic spores and other natural organisms that harm your plants.

It’s best that you use carbon filtration such as the CAN or Phat filters systems. You want to filter all intake and outflow air, as well as filtering the ambient air in your grow room.

Be sure to talk to your hydroponics store staff or the filter manufacturers to make sure you get the filters you need. They can be confusing, and there are a lot of hydroponics filter off-brands and contraptions that just don’t work.

Now You Don’t Need a Hydroponics pH Meter Christmas Present

One of the most useful breakthroughs in hydroponics base nutrients technology allows you to use base nutrients that feed your plants exactly what they need…and you no longer have to worry about measuring and adjusting pH.

The pH Perfect Auto-pH base nutrients made by marijuana-specific hydroponics manufacturer Advanced Nutrients automatically balance pH into the 5.7 sweet spot your plants love.

But it isn’t just convenience, and saving money and time because you’re liberated from using pH meters and adjusting liquids. It’s also that pH Perfect Auto-pH base nutrients like Sensi and Connoisseur contain chelates and other materials that deliver maximum nutrition to your plants way more efficiently…and for many days.

These Auto-pH base nutrients aren’t just an improvement over other base nutrients, they’re the only base nutrients in the world that contains this bud-boosting technology.

Get your favorite marijuana growers pH Perfect Auto-pH base nutrients, and they’ll love what it does for their grow room.

The Easy Way to Protect Yourself & Your Hydroponics Marijuana Plants…

It’s the Flame Defender, an automatic dry chemical fire extinguisher that you hang above your plants and gear. If your room gets to 155°F or above, the Flame Defender triggers.

These units come in multiple sizes and don’t need to be plugged-in to auxiliary electrical outlets—totally self-contained.

Get peace of mind for yourself and your medical marijuana plants, because fire is bad unless you’re using it to light your medical marijuana budssss!

It’s Christmas Every Day When Your Marijuana Plants Drink Pure Water

You wouldn’t believe what’s in your water, but when you put the ppm meter in and it reads more than 20-30 ppm, you better believe that some of that stuff isn’t helping your hydroponics marijuana plants.

In fact, regular tap water, most well-water and even rainwater is often polluted. At the very least, giving untreated water to your plants means you don’t have total control over your hydroponics feed program.

At worst, the water might be poisoning your plants or loading their root zones with pathogens.

That’s why serious growers ALWAYS use reverse osmosis to clean their hydroponics water.

And the most respected name in hydroponics reverse osmosis is Growonix, offering a huge variety of units and options, as well as high-quality, good warranties and friendly customer service.

Oh Say Can You See…Your THC-Rich MerryJuana Resin Glands?

We love to see medical marijuana resin glands swelling up with THC. But if you’re just eyeballing them, all you can see is sugar. Now there’s a powerful new technology that lets you monitor your buds with more precision than ever before possible.

It’s a digital microscope with 10 x 200 power, camera functions, direct hook-up to your computer, precision focusing options, and other features that old school magnifiers can never offer. Using this technology, you see deep inside your buds to detect resin formation, pests, molds, and debris. This is a must-have device for serious medical hydroponics marijuana growers, and it’s available at Amazon, so put one in your Christmas stocking today…I

Get the Last & Best Words On Growing Your Strongest Marijuana

Christmas is a time for books, and professional marijuana growers absolutely must have a library of cultivation books to turn to in every circumstance, and to get new ideas for what to grow and how to grow.

Some marijuana books have bud porn photos that’ll raise your heart rate, others tell you about medical marijuana cultivation, and some combine bud porn & cultivation how-to.

I suggest Subcool’s two “Dank” books, especially Dank 2.0. In these attractive books, Subcool gives you precision marijuana cultivation advice, an insider explanation of how to breed top-shelf marijuana strains, and beautiful marijuana photos.

Also look at Jorge Cervantes’ Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible.

Another book every marijuana grower should have: Hemp Diseases & Pests. Get this medical marijuana wisdom, and your hydroponics garden will give you dank hydroponics Christmas presents.

You’re Stoned, You’re Hungry and It’s Christmas in Marijuana Land…

Have you heard that marijuana makes you hungry? This marijuana Christmas, make sure the stoners in your life are well fed.

Get this luscious cheesecake, and eat it all at once. Order a lot, because it tastes soooo good, especially when you’re merryjuana medicated.

Or how about gourmet chocolate that makes regular chocolate taste like junk candy. Go to Worldwide Chocolate and get into the exotic pure chocolates from South America and Europe. The ideal stoner Christmas gift.

Speaking of candy, provide fine Christmas carbohydrates and other natural flavor, taste, yield, and potency boosters by giving Bud Candy to your medical marijuana plants.

This bloom phase booster works well in any bloom feed program, and brings out the natural flavor of your medicine.

And if you know a Kush grower, and want to make them very very happy, give them Kushie Kush. It’s the only bloom booster made specifically to increase the size and potency of Kush harvests.

All of us at want you to have the stoniest, dankest, most resinous marijuana Christmas ever!


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