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Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Soul Assasins


Most people when choosing their medical marijuana generally find a specific species and experiment with strain variants to find what works best for them. For me, Indica dominance for my nighttime medication needs is generally the species I go fo. Sometimes I do prefer a Indica-dominant hybrid, but pure Indica’s tend to work best.

OG’s are known for their heavy stone and couch lock capability, and Soul Assassins is an OG variant from a localized grower that does not disappoint. Soul Assassin has typical OG traits—very dark buds with spots of green foliage and dark orange hairs protruding from everywhere. However, even without looking, the typical flavor of an OG is impossible to mistake. With a piney taste with a hint of almost a peppery sensation, Soul Assassin creates a powerhouse stone in the front portion of the face near the nasal cavities, creeping around behind the sides and back of the eyes. Slowly fading from the nasal cavities and settling finally in the eyes, this strain is perfect for those wanting a heavy stone to produce a rapid and powerful sleep.

The only problem I have with these “heavier” Indica’s is that unless that with so much strength, you can wake up the next morning feeling groggy and or still a little “off.” That, of course, defeats the purpose of a good night’s sleep. I do still recommend Soul Assassins for those with severe insomnia issues and insomnia issues resulting from pain or injury. Otherwise, the feeling in the morning simply isn’t justified.

Hollywood CA. $40 an 8th

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