purple cherry pie

Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Purple Cherry Pie

(Indica / $45 an 8th Woodland Hills, CA)

Let me start by saying I’m not confirmed on these genetics, it’s just what I was told. Purple Cherry Pie (Bubba x GDP x Cherry Bomb), was one of the fruitiest-tasting Indicas I’ve had the pleasure of coming across, which gave a very euphoric stone with a severe couchlock head pressure.

This strain, like a fine wine, tastes best when taken in the proper fashion. When properly vaporized, has been one of the smoothest Indicas I’ve ever personally had the pleasure of trying. More often than not, I find Indicas to be the harsh and heavy hitters of the cannabis genus. However, when you do find rare treats such as this that are perfect for nighttime medicating and don’t leave your throat in a wrecked and beaten way, you cherish it and make sure you stock up.

I highly recommend using this strain for insomnia patients that don’t want the head throb effect of some of the heavier Indicas, but still want that potency while maintaining the integrity and livelihood of their throat. I also want to recommend this to stress patients as it did have a euphoric forefront to the high with a nice drift into a couchlock perfect for those patients needing to get away from it all for a little while. I wasn’t able to do a THC/CBN/CBD test on this strain, which was a severe disappointment to me as I was super curious to find out what the specific ratings where.

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