Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – OG

(Indica / $35)

Here in Los Angeles, medical cannabis can be worth its weight in gold. And normally when I review OGs, I tend to be extremely specific in what I look for because of its utter saturation at the medical cannabis clubs.

However, on a recent trip to a particular hole-in-the-wall collective on the east side of Hollywood, I found an OG that not only smelled quite good, but was reasonably priced at a $35 donation level. Upon first glance, I definitely knew it was part of a massive outdoor grown batch more than likely from Nor Cal, transported down to LA to be sold at a huge profit. Now given this particular collective’s pricing cap, this $35 strain was considered top-shelf, so I figured the worst I could lose was $35 and my time.

While it was definitely well-treated and tended outdoors, this OG still possessed some grow flaws which may have hindered it from reaching its true potential. It had a solid stone, heavy punch indica with an interesting elevation of your high around 20/30 minutes after you finish smoking it. And while it wasn’t shining with that typical OG signature taste that leaves your pallet dripping with delight, it was a solid variant that when smoked through a vaporizer you can’t even tell the difference from its more pricey $50 dollar cousins down the street. Extremely potent and very effective as a sleep aid, this strain pretty much proves that cheap doesn’t always mean inferior.

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