medical cannabis strain - narnia

Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Narnia

Indica (OG Phenotype)

Narnia is a local grower’s take on an old school southern California favorite, OG Kush. It’s one of those strains that when you smoke it, you instantly appreciate the wondrous medical value a pure Indica can achieve for those with sleep disorders.

Extremely well grown, the clones produced beautifully formed nugs with a dark green exterior and a yellowish lime core with a smell that was almost overwhelming. Under the scope, it was an awe inspiring moment. It was literally a wonderland of crystalized mushroom looking trichomes with tops blooming like the late season flower from the field of dreams.

Upon first inhale using a vaporizer, the effect was harsh and quick. An overwhelming head rush came over me and I instantly knew this was a strain I would truly miss when the crop runs out. A quick and powerful stone, a quick and deep sleep is sure to follow in close stride. While this was more of a specialty strain rather than one available on the ready market (I don’t believe it’s being distributed to the clubs at this time), I would recommend similar couch lock Indicas as great alternatives to mainstream sleep aids.

If for any reason in your travels you happen to come across Narnia, make sure to get some and enjoy. It is one of the finest Indicas I’ve come across. A salute to the mom and pop growers of southern California whom thankfully are still doing what they do best.

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