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Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Kryptonite

(Indica: OG Kush X Unknown variant )

At first look, Kryptonite will force you to stare a little. Slightly packed nugs with solid structure and a very earthy organic smell draw your eyes in this solid Indica’s direction the way a small child stares at a toy he’s been begging for all year and finally receive on Christmas.

Looking under a microscope, this batch was, in my opinion, slightly flawed in trich formation, possibly due to an early pull or nutrient deficiency. But to be honest, it’s hard to tell for sure as the deformation was slight at best.

The taste was that of a fine organic supplement, very earthy and smooth to ingest. However, don’t get confused while consuming, this is undoubtedly a head rocker. This Indica immediately creeps into the center of your brain and creates what I like to call a falling brick. Immediately building pressure behind the eyes and in the center of your head, it continuously increases until the point where your only viable option is to sleep.

A powerful couchlock, this strain proves the possibilities of Indica’s as replacements to such sleep aids as Ambien, which is extremely addictive and has adverse medical effects in long term use. I recommend usage of this strain as a backup for patients suffering from anxiety, but should be used mainly as a sleep aid as that’s where it truly shines.

$40 an 8th Central San Fernando Valley


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