King Louie

Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – King Louie

Indica – North San Fernando Valley

Louie the XIII is a favorite strain in Southern California medical marijuana collectives. King Louis (or Louie the XIII) provides a power-punch smell with an extremely heady stone that you can only attribute to a pure bred Indica. King Louis provides the taste and potency of a top-notch medicine.

This strain, heavy and narcotic in nature, is an excellent source of relief for chronic pain and anxiety. It is also a top grade medicinal cannabis for insomnia, rendering patients asleep in no time flat with proper dosage. Also good for appetite stimulation in minor doses, this strain provides well rounded relief for several ailments.

This particular batch, stemming from the northern area’s of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, had an almost pine comb taste and was very resinous to the touch. It’s stickiness made me wash my hands before smoking due to the resin literally coating my fingertips and making a mess of everything and anything I touched after holding this beautiful plants flower. This plant is best inhaled using a vaporizer for instant medical effect, and is best cut up with sharp scissors as opposed to grinders or hands due to its high resinous nature.

Batch testing was as follows:

THC: 18.90% CBD: 0.10% CBN: < 0.05%

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