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Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Gucci

Indica (OG Variant)

Downtown Los Angeles – 60 an 8th

A staple in the current southern California’s medical cannabis market is the powerful hydroponically grown OG’s from commercial growers. OG variants usually range from extremely small, tightly-packed nugs to larger more stiff clusters with an extremely distinctive odor. The pungent smell from a true OG variant can be spotted from a mile away.

Bred as a knockout high, Gucci was developed with the idea of taking the classic ocean grown and turning it into commercial grown. Reaching its full peak at right around 10-11 weeks, this particular batch wasn’t the strongest I’ve seen to date from this particular collective, but the quality was definitely acceptable for the price.

These ‘couchlock strains’ are bred to be so smack-you-in-the-face strong that even in small doses for patients with light insomnia and pain needs will find them to be overwhelming. Causing dizziness, nausea, and sometimes confusion, these more powerful strains should only be smoked by those who have high tolerance to heavy Indica effects, and those patients with strong to severe insomnia, pain, or nausea-related medical need.

I do not recommend this strain to anyone whom doesn’t medicate often or hasn’t smoked moderate couchlocks before, as the effects can be overwhelming. I also recommend a vaporizer as the medium for the purest medical effect.

THC – 16.36 %
CBD – 0.58 %
CBN –  0.15 %

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