Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Dr. Manhattan

(Hybrid Indica Dominant / Chicago IL. / $55 an 8th)

Recently I took a trip to the Midwest to visit family for a reunion. Knowing a little preplanning ahead goes a long way, I made a couple calls and managed to have my medicine lined up. Coming from Los Angeles, where medical marijuana is legal, I wasn’t expecting to find as high of quality in a state where marijuana prohibition is still law, but I was very pleased with what was waiting for me when I arrived.

I was thoroughly surprised by the pungency of the smell of Dr. Manhattan when I opened the bag. It literally hit my nostrils like a ton of bricks, providing a thick pine and pepper smell and making my nose burn from the potency. High crystal concentration and full trichs meant this plant was prime for use in a vaporizer.

The first hit was so flavorful I almost wanted to cry. Thee vapor was silk smooth and extremely full and rich of flavor while maintaining a moderate to moderate-heavy stone. I could instantly feel the Indica dominance of the plant as the pressure built behind my eye’s, but the stone never overtook the head causing you to become drowsy.

I was, however, very lethargic. While this hybrid didn’t technically achieve a true “couch lock,” it did reach its goal of making me not want to do anything. I laid back and simply enjoyed the moment.

I recommend this strain to anyone with back pain, mild chronic pain from arthritis, hyperactivity and anxiety. Easily one of the best strains I’ve had from the Midwest in a number of years, this came as a complete surprise.  Bravo Midwest, Bravo indeed.

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