Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Bull Rider

Strain – Bull rider (Hybrid)
Location – Los Angeles (West Valley)

A local cup favorite, Bull Rider is an unknown variant sativa dominant hybrid originating from San Diego CA, that produces a flavorful and yet very mellow high. This particular batch picked up on the far west end of the San Fernando Valley induced a very quick and long lasting stone. While the genetics of this particular strain are kept a secret, this hybrid is definitely packing a sativa dominance. The collective I attended however, had this flower listed incorrectly as a pure Indica more than likely because of its initial cerebral punch. However that first punch to the head quickly fades into a extremely heavy body high. This strain does pack a full body wallop, and is NOT recommended for anyone who has to work and or do anything requiring a though process and they need to do while being medicated. It is almost a couch lock stone that lasts quite a long time and fades off very gradually and smoothly. A closer inspection under a microscope unveiled a forest of full headed trichrome’s and an amazing core bud structure that beyond a doubt showed to me a proper harvest and cure was achieved. Bull Rider can do a superb job at providing medical relief from minor to medium chronic pain, anxiety, migranes, and nausea. A very intense high, this strain can register right around 25% THC.

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