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Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Blue Dream

West Hollywood / Hybrid – Sativa Dominant 80/20

First off, let me start by saying a good Blue Dream is one of my favorite mid-day smokes at the beach. Its genetics, Blueberry crossed with a Haze, is a Sativa smokers delight do to its 80% Sativa dominance. And it is one of the smoothest strains in Southern California, without a trace of harshness.

This particular batch, picked up from a club in West Hollywood, was one of the best crops of Blue Dream I have seen in quite awhile. I had actually gone in the club to try a completely different strain, but once I had the pleasure of coming across this beauty I left with a little more than I had anticipated.

Thick nugs with dense bright orangish/yellow hairs dancing across the surface screamed quality at first sight. Under a microscope the initial suspicions were confirmed, this was indeed going to be a delight to consume. Normally, you can find some variation of Blue Dream in just about every medical cannabis collective, but to find a batch that was this pure is truly a rare treat.

The Haze really shined in this crop as you draw in your first taste. Smooth as silk through combustion, however its flavor only truly shines in a vaporizer. I would recommend this strain to patients suffering from depression or nausea and, again, strongly urge the use of a vaporizer.

15% THC /  $60 an eighth

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